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Thread: Yay! dog park advice

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    Well so far we've been twice, but there's only been that one dog. I'll keep taking him.. I might just have to teach him fetch properly so he can actually do something there, otherwise he just follows me (great to see 'heal' has started to kick in and become a habit though!). I took his tug with me yesterday and he tugged maybe twice because he was way too distracted by just being somewhere new with different noises and smells etc so I gave up on tug. I just walked around the whole park with him yesterday, otherwise he would've just sat at my feet and not moved, lol.

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    My partner took Oskar to the local dog park yesterday while I had a house inspection, and apparently he had a good play with 3 other dogs until he started getting a bit obnoxious to an elderly dog, but at 11 mths, he thinks everydog wants to play!

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    I love the dog park , but there's never anyone there when I am. Its a 25 min drive to get there but Abby and Xena just love it. I have a feeling if anyone did come down with a dog while i was there they may not come in, most people will cross the street when the see me walking Xena.

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