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Thread: Little bit strained at our house tonight!

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    Default Little bit strained at our house tonight!

    For the first time in forever, Barney finished his dinner before Pippi finished hers.

    She ONCE when she was young made th emistake of appraoching his bowl, and he let her know it was not allowed.

    Well tonight, as he finished first, he decided he could approach her bowl and ifnish her dinner. I am in the kitchen making tea, and I hear a snap and a yelp and there he is with her egg in his mouth.

    Bloody bugger. No harm done or anything but Pippi has been sulking all evening...and its weird, but i was kinda worried even though there was no reason to be. Usually they are all over each other all of the time and tonight they have just been completely separate for most of th enight. Its so weird and I didnt like it LOL. Bear in mind, this is like the 2nd time in the 3 years we have had Pippi that Barney has snapped at her so its very unusual, and a bit weird for Pippi as she is not used to being reprimanded by him at all (not that she did anything wrong)

    Anyway, I went and put the bins out and I left the front door wide open (this is like 5 minutes ago) and told them to stay, one could say I was testing them to see if they would (FYI they did - both stood in the doorway watching me and I went right up to the street and fluffed around under the carport to see what they would do). And when I came back, Barney went to run out the door to greet me (coz I had been gone for so long in his vision the whole time LOL) and Pippi grabbed his back leg and made him stay inside LOL and then tried to initiate play but he kinda ignored her (first time veer).

    Anyway, I didnt like the little distance between them (despite it being temporary I am sure) so I went and lay on the ground as this gets them playing....and lo and behold, play time. Yay! Though it was extremely shortlived. I am a bit disappointed coz I havent had my inside zoomies today and I dont like it LOL.

    FYI, I am not worried about this or anyones behaviour etc. Just sharing my wee story as I am a bit bored and typing a long post provides some relief LMAO

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    Strange isn't only takes the slightest vibe to be off key in a usually well tuned home and it can make you feel so uneasy.

    Still had to giggle though at Pip grabbing Barneys leg
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    Love the zoomies, and yes it's different when things are a bit off, even for a short while
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