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Thread: I am beyond proud of Serenity.

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    Beloz, you actually make a great point. I have a lot of respect for Newfsie, I've learnt it's good to keep a open mind and try a few things. Exactly, she could be seeing that I am telling her to behave, not go nuts as she has been, she may be happy to actually get direction for once. She does seem happier. I can finally walk past dogs and she behaves a lot better! She still reacts a bit but after a correction or two, she looks up at me so I normally will give her a treat/pet for that. Thank you. I have realized it is sometimes good to mix up positive and negative training, it's helped her. My end goal is to make her happier and thats what this training will do so thats all that counts.

    Aw, thanks Riley! I really appreciate that. For a while I was ready to put her to sleep but I am so glad I decided to keep her. She's coming along like I had hoped. I defiantly am becoming more confident, that took a while! She seems to work with me much better now. We will defiantly keep it fun, thats for sure. I want her to be happy.

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    Tahlz - it will only get better and better for both you and your pups !

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