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Thread: New vet, nice experience and advice wanted plus pics!

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    Default New vet, nice experience and advice wanted plus pics!

    I rather like our new vet. I have been debating between staying with my old vet and going to new vet. I don't even know why I disliked my old vet, they were friendly but it was hard to understand them and they are much cheaper then my new vet. I want to tell my small experience but I did have two questions I am hoping others could answer. I'd post them in a different thread but i might as well put them all together.

    The new vets were really friendly and very helpful so I liked this. I have been bad and both dogs really needed to be checked for heart worm and have protection against it, I was really getting paranoid they had HW. I got Sunny tested and since I had enough money left over, I decided to get Serenity done. My only concern was that they took Sunny to the back and honestly, that didn't sit right with me for Serenity.. I at least wanted her around some one she knew. I was so relieved when I asked if they could withdraw the blood in the room, with me, my vet agreed. Serenity reacted very badly to some one holding her and I felt awful but I knew it needed to be done.. Would it hurt to see if I could hold her in the future? I didn't say anything because I didn't know if I had the right to.. I am not upset I didn't get to hold her, just curious for next time. Serenity isn't that strong so it's easy to hold her.

    Both tests came back negative thankfully. They are now on HW prevention and we picked up more worming supplies.

    I told the vet about Serenity's issues and she respected what I said and was thankful I told her.

    I then talked about Sunny and his urinating problems. (For those who don't know, Sunny has urinated in my room twice now. 2/3? months ago he was urinating in my room for a few months (before the 2/3 months) when he has been toilet trained since 8 weeks. He's 5 now. He's had a urine test done, his gravity came back a bit off but not off to badly, he had blood tests done and it all came back normal. Had UTI tabets (this was all a few months back now). His peeing stopped for a while.. and now I'm worried again) I think she was very helpful, I did get some pricing on a few things so I know how much I need to put away to get him tested. She did say to wait to see if he does keep urinating and if it continues, then try to rule out a medical problem but I think I'll just start the testing as soon as I'm back from Bali. So, I can't wait to get him tested because I'm sick of worrying. I don't know what I want to hear. I don't want him to be hurting and if there is no medical issue, it's a behavioral issue and I'll be shocked if it's that option.

    I have two questions I'd like advice about. I was wondering if I did the right thing here or if I can change something.

    When Sunny got taken in to the back for his blood withdrawal at the vet, Serenity was stressing a bit when Sunny was gone (Ok, I'll admit, maybe she is more attached to him then I thought) she starting whining randomly, trying to pace around, trying to jump up to cuddle me. It was hard not to cuddle her. Instead, I gently pushed her off me, told her to 'shh' and ignored her. Was this a good idea or can I do something differently?

    Serenity has been a tad possessive over me, towards Sunny, at times. It used to only happen on this one couch so I wont let them near me when I sit there. She started showing her possessive side a few days back. While sitting in the vets room, Sunny came up for a pet while Serenity was laying down. He came for a cuddle, she instantly jumped up and started grabbing at his mouth, mouthing him a lot, if he moved, she'd body block him and shove him away from me and if she lost contact with his mouth, she'd grab at it again. In my eyes, this is her being possessive, could I be wrong? Yes but she clearly was shoving him away. She wasn't acting aggressively but I know it can get to that, if it's pushed. When she does this, I'll tell her 'Oy' and if she doesn't stop I'll grab her, tell her 'Oy' and make her sit though normally after a grab/tap on the shoulder, she will stop. No, I do not hurt her.. By grab, I will gently pull her away or the tap is a light tap, to distract her, like you might to another person who is ignoring you. Is this alright or can I do something better?

    So, all in all, it was a very good visit, I have a new vet I'm happy with, I also got to see more of her true issues which sucked but we'll work on it!

    and naughty Sunny kept trying to get in to the bin. Naughty mutt. She had to lift the bin up since he was so forceful about it.

    and some pics.

    Mmm.. Treats.

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    Beautifil pics
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    I always hold my dogs when they have blood drawn or a jab or whatever. Occasionally for Barney they will bring a nurse in as well to help because he is so strong, but they tend to worry less if I am doing it because I am not some random stranger.

    I think how you handled Serenity getting worried is fine. If shes a bit panicky without Sunny around then I definitely owuldnt make a fuss about it as you will unwittingly encourage it.

    Cant really help with the other. My dogs body block and shove each other out the way all the time to be the first to get to whoever. In our house it doesnt cause any issues so I dnt even address it. But thats moi.

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    Thanks Cava!

    Lala; Thanks for answering that. I will defiantly ask to hold her from now on, I just wasn't sure. She only weighs 12 kilos so it's easy to restrain her. Thanks, I was worried I didn't handle her properly but I knew I had to ignore her or I'd be encouraging her to panic. Sadly, due to her fear issues, my biggest concern is it will turn in to something. I wish it wouldn't! Mine shove to get places first but it's different when she's blocking Sunny from me.

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    I think vets make some sort of judgement call about the owner - and if they think the owner is likely to freak out if their dog gets upset, they take the dog out the back where the owner can't see what happens.

    I had to take Frosty in for "the vomit treatment" several times when she was a puppy. I was really paranoid about her eating strapping tape, because that can block a dog up, and if it blocks the guts up, it's massively painful, and hugely expensive (thousands) to fix.

    So first time - vet took Frosty out the back. Second time and all subsequent times, they did the treatment in front of me. Maybe it was because Frosty was well behaved and they didn't have to do anything severe to her to get her treated. Or maybe it was because I didn't freak out, I don't know.

    It is a bit hard to watch your dog heaving her guts up, but when you know she's eaten something bad... it's for the best.

    So I guess if the vet wants to take your dog out the back - you could ask why and suggest she might be better behaved if you're there doing the holding.

    I don't know about all the other stuff. It's important to only reward (with attention and pats) behaviour you want to see repeated. If a dog is frightened or anxious - there's no point punishing it, and cuddling it probably won't help. Neither will you being anxious about the dog being anxious, because then the dog will be anxious because you're anxious because the dog is anxious because you're anxious.... you can see how that doesn't work.

    So I'm quite happy to pat my dog and let her lean on me at the vet's. It helps me calm down. If I had one dog driving the other away, I wouldn't pat either of them until they both behaved nicely.

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    Good on you for exploring your vet options and finding one you like! Somtimes it's it's a better economy to pay more and have a vet you trust, than to pay less and then stress about not 'clicking' with your vet.

    My guess re the holding thing is that vet nurses are trained to hold animals in a way that is secure, in order to stop them moving as much as possible, so as to cause the least amount of discomfort for the animal. Most owners don't have a clue (some do, most don't) about the strength a rsistant animal can develop once the "fight or flight" response kicks in - but vets and vet nurses do. So I wouldn't be too concerned - but definitely, next time you are in, ask if you can hold your dogs.

    I also think that, personally, I don't want my doglet to directly associate me with their discomfort, so I always let the nurse take hold, but I will be in the room to offer assistance if need be (luckily Rosie trusts Robert, so I've never had any issues - touch wood!).

    Hyacinth is right - some vets do have other rooms to take doglets to if they suspect that the owner may become more upset than the dog! An upset owner will definitely upset an otherwise calm dog, so sometimes "out of sight, out of mind" is a good approach to take {this seems expecially true of SWF owners sho treat their dogs like baby humans} for both the dog and the owner.

    Vet clinics are not great places to get a good "read' on your dog's behaviour toward you or another doglet family member - there are strange smells everywhere - including death - and your dogs pick up on that far faster and far more accurately than we do, so it's going to throw their emotions off the scale - especially on their first visit. I wouldn't worry too much about the pacing and whining - she was worried for her buddy.

    Definitely start getting the whizzing issues checked. Fingers and paws crossed there. Arm yourself with knowledge, but don't self-diagnose. It could be anything. And your doglet is young enough to warrant "heroic acts" as I call them, if it does turn out to be not the best.

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    I always hold my own dogs...But the vets locally expect me, because they all know what i do.

    You handled Serenity better than most by not pampering to her nervousness..i would have completely ignored her and at the most did a little of obedience work to distract, but what you did was pretty good.

    I think you are having a few issues with Serenity, did you look at some of my previous suggestions. I would seriously look at changing a few things at home...I think there are some leadership issues and Serenity is in charge, hence she does what she does to Sunny. This is also what makes her anxious about everything. Even though people find it difficult to believe, anxious dogs are the dogs that think they are in charge. The clam dogs have accepted and feel relaxed, because you are the one in charge And I do not mean the dog is trying to dominate or do Alpha stuff....leadership is different. I find all of this hard to explain over he web It is easier in the home, with the dogs and the person/family
    just some of the things you have explained make me think is so easily to do. It is one of the most common things that happens with rescues in new homes, because people are trying to make the lives of the rescue dogs so good and happy.

    Has Sunny started peeing since the arrival of Serenity or has it always been so. I cannot remember the order of your dogs, which came first..i think if you get the Leadership going, you might find that may stop too, unless it is a medical problem, that will have to be treated.

    You are great for doing so much for your dogs. I am sure it will all settle eventually
    Pets are forever

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