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Thread: Our new sleeping arrangement - what is yours?

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    Thumbs up Our new sleeping arrangement - what is yours?

    Our new sleeping arrangement.
    Anyone else goes to sleep every night with their dogs in their bed?

    I am loving it. The last couple of weeks Hooch has been walking around the house at night and I found myself lying in bed all night listening to what he might be up to. He also goes outside (doggie flap) and I wait for him to come back home lol like a teenager who goes out.

    Now, no more walking around at nights. My son doesnt mind going to bed and loves having a guardian in his bed and whats another animal with his 10's of stuffed animals he already has there.

    AND I GET TO SLEEP! win win win!
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    This picture made me smile .........Bit crowded sharing with four large dogs. Ours sleep just anywhere in the house....Except Annabelle is always next to me on her bed
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    Mojo would love to sleep with my daughter but we dont let it happen cause she would never sleep and she loves to..... antog....antagan...aintag......shit stir the dog.

    So instead he jumps in bed with me till the wife comes to bed so he then gets booted out and he sleeps on the floor at the end of our bed where he snoores so loud it's not funny. After the 3rd or 4th pillow thrown at him he usually gets up and sleeps on his little mat in the hallway where he dosnt snoore at all !!!

    A couple of times i've found him asleep on the lounge and also my sons bottom bunk bed.
    As a kid i would have been stoked to have my dog sleep with me. I bet your boy is stoked. And hooch is looking really comfy !!

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    Sunny, my Lab x ALWAYS sleeps in my bed. He sleeps under the covers in Winter. Summer, some nights he'll be under and some nights he'll be below.

    Serenity, my Kelpie x sleeps where she wants. She'll sometimes sleep on the couch/futon/blanket on the floor/crate or on my bed, she mixes it up. Most of the time, I find her curled up next to me on the bed when I wake up.

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    When Rosie was a wee puplet, she had terrible separation anxiety, and even tho we had her set up with a basket and snuggly QS doona of her own in the bathroom that opened into our bedroom (we blocked her access with a MDF sheet about 600mm high), she would still scream terribly to be with us. I would try to be tough and wait her out, but eventually {and every night!} I would give in, and she would be brought onto the bed with us. And she would sleep soundly all night laying between us. Or around the top of our heads, like a cat. She grew out of it, and eventually her anxieties passed. She now takes herself off to her bed (which, now she's sick, is in our room) and stays there.

    Before she got sick, in winter she would wake the Mr up at around 4:30 doing the "boxer Knock" on the side of the bed to get in... he would lift the doona up and in she'd get, and snooze away happily til 6 when he got up.

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    Really sweet pic bunny..i just looove kids and dogs
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    Lol! How cute :P I've been pretty firm on not letting Boss on anything that is ours, since he came home at 9 weeks he hasn't been allowed on the human furniture. He has his own mini leather couch that is only his & a bed on the floor next to our bed
    I caught him on my bed once when he was 'playing' with the cat & all i had to do was look at him & he jumped down with his tail between his legs lol!

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    Harley & Bella have the lounge which they share. It is shitty and old so I don't really care

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    Very cute!morn

    Banjo often prefers my daughter's bed to mine. I think it's because I move around too much. My daughter hardly stirs all night...

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    Frosty likes to sleep on my bed but not when I'm in it, I wriggle too much. She tried to push me out once, but the end result of her pushing was - she fell off the edge of the bed (about a 20cm drop). Hasn't tried that again.

    So last night I sprung her making a nest - she'd dug up the bedspread and eiderdown until she was down to the woolie blankies... What is it with digging up all the bedding? Not ok... She's supposed to stay on top of the bedspread because she's not very good at remembering to wipe her feet after she's been digging holes out the back.

    But mostly she curls up on top of the bedspread next to the pillow before I get in at night and after I get up in the morning. And the rest of the time she stays in her own basket next to my bed.

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