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Thread: What is wrong with some people ...... Rant number 2

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    Default What is wrong with some people ...... Rant number 2

    I know this is a dog forum but I just have to get this off my chest and I believe you guys are (generally) pro animal welfare. Hopefully once I get this done I can stop feeling angry and upset and concentrate on this bird without the emotion that may cloud my judgement as I want to give this guy the best possible care. He is more than entitled to it. I ABSOLUTELY HATE SOME PEOPLE.

    Yesterday I was called to a rescue. I should have known it would be a difficult one when I get a call and the person on the other end of the line says "Hello, your best friend here (ha ha)" ... for the record she isn't my best friend but is a work colleague who must really hate me as the jobs she has been sending my way lately are downright awful!!!!

    Get to the home of a very elderly couple who, amongst other things, have a lorikeet in a small cage. The old couple claim to have only had the bird for a week and were encouraged by a friend to get the bird help. They didn't have the money to get vet treatment.

    Background is: lorikeet has had 4 previous owners and apparently spent a great deal of time in a dark garage and had been traumatised by a 4 year old. The old couple want him back (over my f....n dead body). They are in their 90's and he has emphysema - if the bird survives he will outlive them.

    This bird has no flight feathers on his wings or tail and the rest are sparse and discoloured (probably due to poor nutrition), his wings look like someone has gone to the fridge section of a supermarket, bought some plucked chicken wings and superglued them onto the bird, he can't perch and he cannot climb (no obvious physical reason), he stands as erect as a penguin and grips the cage bars with his beak (possibly in an attempt to stop himself being removed from his cage), he squashes himself up into the corner of the cage standing in this erect manner, he has inflicted self harm by plucking his own feathers out, he is bleeding from multiple grazes and sores on his body. His body is the shape of the figure 8 making me think someone has fed him seed and he has a belly full of worms. His poo looked like scrambed eggs. Lorikeet poo usually shoots out of them like a supersoaker - they are not called Squirty for no reason.

    And, if that is not bad enough this poor little bloke absolutely screams when he sees a human - it is not a squawk, or a tweet, it is a SCREAM. He had no perches in his cage (as he can't perch) and was on a diet of dry baby food! He was covered in mites and I have never, ever seen an animal as terrified in my life. The whole situation was really awful - I could actually taste vomit in the back of my throat. I couldn't even talk or thread a sentence together. I have seen many terrible things but just when you think you can deal with anything something will bring you unstuck.

    Changing his food and cleaning his cage today was traumatic for both of us.

    He has now been treated for mites and wormed, he has no idea of what greenery is and is still screaming when I go near him. His wounds are bleeding ever and this might be exacerbated from the aggravation of the mite spray. This little guy is so traumatised that I fed a piece of pear through the bars for him to eat. He went absolutely ballistic for half an hour, then he attacked it. You could then see his little face change as he realised it didn't half taste too bad. Then there was silence as he ate it. I am watching all this behind a screen where he can't quite see me as my presence is too disturbing for him to deal with. Occasionally the peace and quite of the house is shattered by this little bird crying his lungs out. You can tell he is screaming for help. I have to turn on the kitchen tap to drown out the sound. His distress is a human's fault.

    The noise coming from this animal is enough to make the five dogs in my house (my two, three in care) stop what they are doing and freeze. There is no tail wagging, no barking - it is like someone has hit a pause button. Really weird.

    I have spent half the day today and yesterday on the phone trying to determine what is best for this little lorikeet - I have consulted every vet, bird specialist and avian biologist I can. Lucky they were all happy to give me as much of their time as I and the little bird needed. Everyone put their hand up to see him when I think he is ready or if an emergency arises.

    I originally did not even take him out of the rescue basket as I was expecting he would need to be euthanised. I was such a coward I made my Co-ordinator decide the birds fate. I am going to try and rehabilitate this little guy based on professional advice that we may just be able to make a positive difference to his life. I am so glad as I think he deserves a chance after being so badly treated by humans. My initial concern was whether it was actually cruel to subject him to our world when he was so traumatised and scarred of humans and could he actually be successfully rehabilitated. I didn't want to subject him to any more injustice and trauma.

    Whilst he continues to make progress there is hope. Today - eating pear was progress.

    On typing that sentence I think I will actually call him HOPE.

    Please send prayers for this little guy and all other animals who are suffering at our hands. Aetheists - just send money (just joking - must be getting my awful mojo back!)

    Thank you for listening to my ranting and raving (again).

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    poor birdie

    So many people in this word treat animals like junk all animals have feelings no matter how small.

    If I was you I wouldn't be trying to handle him or her yet. Maybe a bigger cage if possible? Lots of different food which you're doing... Good luck!!

    Anyway you can keep it? So it doesn't end up with another f*ckwit?

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    Oh Ratbag. I just want to inflict serious pain on people who are as uncaring as this guy's previous "owners".

    My heart is aching for this little dude now... my parents kept lorikeets when I was much younger {mind you, they had a giant aviary built for them that spanned the backyard, and was 15' high), and I loved listening to them squawk and chatter away to each other. I remember every weekend Mum or Dad would mix up their special parrot milk/food/nectar stuff.

    Thank goodness this dude has you in his corner now! Have you considered getting a bird sounds recording to play for him? You're right, a lorikeet scream does make the hackles on the back of your neck stand up - and one as soul destroying as a lorikeet in mental anguish - don't envy you that. I can easily imagine your doglets would stand at attention to it - every animal will recognise another in pain, no matter what the pain or the type of creature - pain is pain.

    {{{ Hugs }}} to you for taking this on an being Hope's Champion... and fingers, toes and paws crossed for more enjoyment of pears.

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    That sounds truly awful! And yes... some more hugs from me to you for taking this poor fellow on... so lucky he has finally come across someone who cares.

    I'm sure you have lots of advise from specialists From my limited experience with traumatised beings I'd say: tiny steps. If he has been kept in the dark for prolonged periods of time even filtered light might be overwhelming for him. Perhaps you can (partly?) cover his cage with a loosely knit blanket so he can feel hidden but still see through? And I like the idea of bird sounds too.

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    All the best with the rehabilitation, I hope the bird continues to progress well.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    People like this make me angry, and most will say it's only a bird who cares? Your doing your best the rest is up to him, good luck.
    I breed budgies and people are for ever trying to give birds to me because they don't want there's anymore and if I cant take them there more then happy to let them go in the wild to be killed by other birds. Sad but true.

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    I am so very glad this bird has you. My heart breaks reading about this. My sister and my son both have a lori. Thank god both birds have good owners attuned to their needs.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    So sorry for this poor bird, what a terrible sad life he must have had.
    You are a good person to help him.
    If you want to start a chip in for his care I am happy to donate.
    I will PM you if you wish.
    Good luck with little Hope.

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    Thank you for the well wishes and advice. It is nice to be given back little faith in humans again.

    I am only handling him on a "need to basis". As not only is he petrified but handling triggers bleeding. At the moment he is in a small cage as I have concerns a bigger one may cause him further anxiety. I have his cage partially covered with a flannette sheet to provide him with some cover and so he can't see anyone approaching. I have him in the spare bedroom (door closed) with the cage at an open window so he can experience the outside world and the sun and hear the other birds around my home. I have a flock of around 12 lorikeets at my home (most hand reared by myself so they don't go too far) so there is plenty of loris talking back and forth. Sadly, he has not tweeted at them once today.

    Further down the track when I feel he is acclimatised to other weather conditions other than "inside only" I will take him outside for some air. I will also have to ensure he has no diseases before I do this too as I would hate to infect the locals. He does appear to be sensitive to light.

    This afternoon I watched him drink some nectivore from my hiding position (crawling along floor and peering under edge of sheet). Excellent that he is drinking but it is obviously something he is not used to doing. He dunked his whole beak in - including nostrils. Hope he stops that soon as I would hate him to aspirate.

    I will be keeping this little guy. As he came in as an unwanted pet he falls under different rules to other wildlife (I think). Anyway I am happy to break the rules on this one - just don't tell anyone!! Happy to suffer any consequences anyway.

    I am a mentor to several buddies and later on will introduce him to one of them. It is best to prepare this bird to be with someone other than myself in case I am ever in a position where I can't care for him - like when I finally crack it and stab one of these heartless bastards with my bread and butter knife and am sentenced to jail.

    I LOVE birds I think they are underrated by far. I think people are very dismissive of birds. They are, in fact, very clever and intelligent. If people would spent time learning about them. Loris are just the most harmless, happy, family orientated birds - it is awful to witness the destruction of this little one.

    Letting any captive bird go is as good as a death sentence. If fact with wildbirds the care is the easy part - releasing them is sometimes very difficult and stressful.

    Chubb - that is wonderful and I so appreciate your offer but I have everything he needs at the moment and can obtain free vet care if required. You are an angel - bless you. Feeling a little teary ....
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    Very sad what has happened to this bird but sometimes they are that messed up there is no way to rehabilitate them.

    My grandmother has one called Sally Sue and trust me this bloody bird was treated like the queen of Sheba. She's still alive to this day (she is currently 12 years old!) but in such a state, the vet has even told us she has lost her marbles. She was very close to their dog Mere (the games those two use to play!) and when Mere died she took it awfully hard, and to top it all off, they turned her aviary around which was facing the main road (she use to like watching people walk past & she loved trucks) to face the back of the house. So she basically went nuts with the changes & pulls her feathers out, makes these ugly screeching noises etc. They turned the cage around to where it originally faced (instruction from the vet) but it's too late. She's bonkers and that's the way she will be for the rest of her life.

    I hope there is a good ending to this story, but don't kick yourself if it doesn't work, sometimes that's just the way things turn out to be.

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