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Thread: What is wrong with some people ...... Rant number 2

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    Somehow I missed all of this.........I read your story and i was hopefull for all the great effort and love you put in for the little guy

    But now I am so sorry for your loss.......You gave him love. I am sorry for your loss. RIP little Hope. A tiny little Angel for Rainbow Bridge
    Pets are forever

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    R.I.P Hope

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    I am glad that Hope isn't suffering anymore. But how traumatic for you, from expecting an immediate euthanasia when you first rescued him, to beginning to hope and then to planning for rehabilitation - and to be then defeated by a tumour, which of course could have even happened to a well-cared for, well-loved bird.

    I understand the rescue burnout you must be feeling with the emotional trauma here. I only hope, for the sake of other Hopes out there without tumours, that it will pass and you will return to helping the ones most in need. Hugs to you.

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