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Thread: Calling the Rottweiler Experts

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    Default Calling the Rottweiler Experts

    Ok well I have a friend who has his heart set on a Rottweiler. He has a great home on offer and until now has always kept GSD's so has a good understanding of how to manage large and dominant breeds. All my friends know that I'm obsessed with dogs (or at least with Sammy) and so he has come to me and we have started the process of trying to find one. Only thing is, I have never realised it before now, but there seem to be different 'types' of rottweilers. Now with dobermans you have your thin pointy ones (American lines) where the breeders say, "oh yes they should look like this because you know greyhounds were used in their development," and then you have your more solid typically termed European lines where the breeders say, "oh yes well rottweilers were part of their development so they should be stocky." Point is, I know what to look for to identify the types of dobermans I want, but I'm clueless when it comes to rotties. We have found 2 main types, the ones with huge round heads, shorter snouts and more solid bodies and then your 'prettier' ones with longer snouts, more 'dog-like' heads and a more natural type body. He prefers the second variety.

    To better illustrate what I'm talking about here are some pictures.

    First, the big, round headed, short snout variety

    rottwailer_photo.jpg Rottweiler%u0025252B2677.jpg

    Second, the less exaggerated type that we're after


    How are the different head styles described within the rottweiler community - ie what terms can he look out for on websites etc?

    I know it's just a looks thing and of course temperament is paramount but I can understand - I would love Sammy no matter what but it helps that I think he's the best looking dog out there...

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    I'm not expert but...

    There is only techniqually one breed of rottweiler but people have given them names to help indentify them.
    German Rottweilers are the ones in the top pictures with big heads and shorter snouts.
    American Rottweilers are the ones in the bottom pictures, smaller heads and longer snouts.

    All the Rotti's I have met have been the ones people call American so I think they are more common

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    I would always go with the less exaggerated type and i much like the look better, the dog in the last pic looks much more rotti dog like, the other one looks like its crossed with a pug (no offence to pugs) but other than my opinion on their looks, I cant help you in the rottie department.

    From Shennas description, it seems a similar scenario for labradors.
    We have the leaner, longer snout, smaller head ,healthier type labs that have been bred as guide dogs, then the "boxy"type, boofier head, chunkier body which are the "breed standard" ones. I much prefer the leaner ones for looks and overall health and always reccomend them.
    I wonder if there is a "genetic health" difference in the rotties?
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    I prefer the first lot of pictures. To me that is a rottweiler and that is what i will be looking for in my next dog. My grandfather's rotties use to look stocky with the big head

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    They're draft dogs, they were bred to pull heavy butchers carts so bulky, strong and heavily muscled is what you are after. If he wants a finer dog then it's best to go with another breed.

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    The Show secretary of the SA rottweiler club is Beverley and every single one of the dogs I've met that she's bred - is the nicest most polite dog. If I ever wanted a Rotti - I'd be getting one of hers. There's a couple of these dogs that show up at my dog obedience club.

    And they look properly in proportion to me.

    her phone number is in the club newsletter.

    And the rottweiller club run obedience classes on Thursday nights in the West Parklands near Adelaide High School sort of.

    They let anybody with a dog train there - not just Rottis - another friend with a small grey poodle also trains there.
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    There are definately two looks for Rotties. The short large face, and the more sleek looking. Either will work the same way, both are acceptable to the aussie kennel club, go figure? so its just personal preference.

    I look for: The sleeker type, as they are less likely to go obese at the drop of a hat.
    Markings: a red tone to the tan colour, not beige. that the legs are max 3/4 tan, that the toes have a black line on them, like nail varnish area onto the toe. That the under coat can show tan. But it mustnt show though the black. No white patch on chest of your pup.

    Skin: that the eyes do not have alopecia (common in rotties), this is where the hair around the eyes is missing, that can cause eye problems later.
    then there is the usual temp testing of pups to chose how strong you want your pup out of this litter. Which i wont describe to you here.

    I would note, that i have had 3 rotties, and 2 GSD's, they are NOT comparable as pets. The rottie is so much more chilled. I liken walking them to; a GSD feels like you have silk on the end of the leash. The rottie feels like a plough.
    The brain is vastly different, with the GSD making a rottie look like a village idiot. Rotties are kinda dumb and simple compared to a GSD. I love that though.

    Rotties are more aloof to strangers than a GSD who's too nosy not to come sniff. Whereas the rottie doesnt even care what the person smells like, they dont like them, and will wait till they've left to relax.

    As this is a large breed, and his first rottie. i would seriously recommend taking the pup away from litter mates to test the temperament. You really do need to get it right! As get it wrong, and you've got a problem dog who's seriously as heavy as the handler.

    All my rotties have been what appeared to be fully grown at 2 yrs. But then i compare photo's at 31/2yrs, and it seems this is the year they bulk up in. Mine looked like they'd been taking roids at 3 yrs of age.

    Im so jealous, i love the rotten pups. Banging into everything, taking everything on. Trying to walk though walls, tables etc. How cute! And the great thing is, they never stop trying to do this stuff. Kevin would stand up under our dining table and bang his head, every single time, every single day of his life, never learnt. But he was a bit special, and used to like to swing a cat play table so that it hit himself around the head, so he could attack and kill it.

    The rottweiler club has er, more than the average levels of testosterone in the handlers shall we say than the GSD club does. More guys too.
    Whilst i truly have socialised all my rotties well as pups, NONE of them grew up to like anyone other than those that sleep in same house as he does. Aloof is what they were. And really not liking the visitor to the house notion. They tolerate things and people well. But you always get the feeling its tolerate, as opposed to approve and join in socialising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    They're draft dogs, they were bred to pull heavy butchers carts so bulky, strong and heavily muscled is what you are after. If he wants a finer dog then it's best to go with another breed.
    He doesn't want a fine dog otherwise he'd get a dobie. He just doesn't want the super boofy ones. I don't know what the original rottweiler is - the black and white photos which suggest they're older seem to be closer to the second type but really I have no idea and won't pretend otherwise. He still wants a stocky, strong and well muscled dog he just doesn't want to circle head with reduced snout. The other type also have a shorter snout than say a dobe or GSD, it's just not as short. I'm sure both types have their fans as do both types in dobies but I just want to know how to describe the second type so we can run some searches online etc and find a good breeder.

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    Thanks guys, going to try running some searches on american rottweilers. Obviously health and temperament are most important but I have no problems with someone saying they also want a dog that's attractive to them - although I guess I get a bit annoyed when that results in a breed being less healthy eg having a squashed face or something. In this instance though, I think he just wants a dog that looks athletic and we have both seen those sorts of rottweilers, we have just also seen other kinds where really the dog doesn't look comfortable doing a lot of exercise. He will be happy with something with less energy than Sammy but still wants something that will enjoy accompanying him when we go on our bush walks etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    They're draft dogs, they were bred to pull heavy butchers carts so bulky, strong and heavily muscled is what you are after. If he wants a finer dog then it's best to go with another breed.
    I agree withthis they are suposed to be a bulky dog and strong, kind and easy to train............My all time fav trainer has about four good old fashioned Rottwilers, they are sound, happy and healthy dogs.

    The Americans play to much with dog standards.....They have given us the American Cocker, Fluffy Newfoundlands, who can hardly swim with all that coat and many more changes...........I also prefer the health working line of Labradors, they do have a bigger head, but a sound body, muscular that vcan swim well and work forever.
    The Rottwielr is also a stock working dog....great with cattle and it is lovely to see good dog from working lines.
    I think with Rotties it is a meet the parents kind a thing.....And make sure the owners do work with them, be it Obedience, herding, tracking or even show.....Because that will lead you to the sound minded and bodied Rottweiler of which there are many. It is not only about looks alone. They are in my Group when I show. And I have met some gorgeous friendly well behaved, beautiful Rotties this way......Very sound. I have also seen some at herding and tracking and ofcourse Obedience Trials.
    I think they are a great dog. And if someone loved GSD's, I can easily see how they can change over to Rottweilers. I don't believe tha fact that Rottie's and GSD's are dominant Breeds. They just need ggod Leadership to follow............
    Pets are forever

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