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    Wink Rosie Update! - Updated, lol!

    OK, so a lot of you are familiar with the Tale of Woe that has beset me and my best buddie Rosie. Well, it beset her, and I'm the "sucking-it-up-erer".

    We are due back to Robert The Vet tonight for a general, non-specific check-in, and check-up. When I spoke to him on the phone, he was thrilled to hear that she is still eating regularly (3 times daily, mostly still out of hand tho), still drinks like a sponge, and is taking me for daily walks. Her coat is shiny, and her weight loss has slowed.

    Thank you SO MUCH to Newfsie for putting me onto OptiCell, which I capsulate and give twice daily, along with a teaspoon of greek yoghurt (which she l-o-v-e-s! Gets the dribbles in anticipation, lol!).

    She went off food again a couple of weeks ago, and for one meal I actually had to force feed her, which was horrible and awful and sickening all at once. She was afraid of me for a few hours after that, and I hated it. The next day I discovered the 4 Legs All Natural Meatballs in the meat dept at the supermarket. Touch wood she is onto them like white on rice, and has not skipped a single meal in 2 weeks, something of a minor miracle - and her poops are back to being lovely and firm, of great diameter, no smell - and no dog breath either. At all. When she was on the home-cooked beef and rice/barley, she had horrendous breath, but now, all cleared.

    Will come back and edit later tonight once we're back from her check-up.

    OK, so we headed back to Robert, and he was thrilled with her.

    She has only dropped about 280 grams in 4 weeks - his words were "she is looking the best she has in recent memory". He's really stoked that she is holding her own for the most part. I think he was expecting to see a lot of wasting by now... it's almost been 6 months since her onset of symptoms, which in bladder cancer terms is a massive span of time.

    Her temp is up - 39.7 I think, so we made the decision to switch back to her old antibiotics to try to trick whatever low grade infection she's fighting into leaving. Robert suspects that the centre of her main tumour is probably becoming necrotic as it won't be getting much blood supply now. That will only get worse, as the tumour grows bigger and multiplies again.

    The only problem with those other antibiotics is that they give her terrible nausea and upset - the "licky licky" mouth, hiccups, appetite loss - all the things we're doing our best to counter. She's got anti anti-nausea tab that we give her an hour before her meds, but this morning she really didn't want to eat {had a little, but only about 1/2 normal}. Managed a bit of lunch, and then was all over dinner like white on rice - once the meds had worn through her system. I'm torn as to whether to continue them or not. I don't want her losing too much weight, but I also don't want this infection to get a hold in her system and become resistant to any treatment. *sigh* Will give her another tonight, and see how she goes tomorrow. Then have another chat to Robert.

    It's really hard to accept that the end is coming any time really, considering how well she is going - apart from the obvious, that is - but every day I am given to spend with her is a blessing for me.

    Thank you to everyone here who takes an interest, gives me encouragement and feedback, makes suggestions, or even just sends me hugs. I'm really glad I found this place, it's awesome.
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    Atta girl Rosie !!!

    Hope all goes well at the vets tonight and thanks for the update.

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    Yay! Great to hear she is doing better

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    SO happy for you! I hope she is ok!

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    So glad to hear Rosie is doing so well !!
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    Fantastic Pinkest

    I was just wondering last night how Rosie's going, haven't had an update for a while - thank you for that... Ruby sends big boxer hugs !!

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