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Thread: mini labradoodle or spoodle

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    I think what everyone is saying is we don't know of any ethical "breeders" of spoo dles or labra doodles other than puppy farmers. You're right, this is a cross breed forum as well as pure bred, many members have crosses. I have no issues with cross breeds, how ever I do have issues with where the type of dog you are after generally comes from.

    If I was you I would not pay more than 300 - 500 bucks for the dog you are after (still probably too much) considering it is just a cocker spaniel cross poodle/Labrador cross poodle... regular old mutt Try a rescue dog PetRescue - find your new best friend!

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    Vic dog rules require all puppies to be microchipped before being sold or given away - and they should be at least 8 weeks old before they are allowed to go to their new home. So that's another good check to make before you pay for a puppy. If it is an ANKC pedigree puppy, it should come with papers including the microchip number and how to transfer the details to your name. If the breeder says you're responsible for the microchip - run away. If they say its an ANKC pure bred - but the puppy doesn't have papers, or they try to charge you a huge amount of money for them, run away (and report them to Dogs VIC) - because all puppies of ANKC registered dogs must also be registered according to the ANKC rules. Some might be on limited register (ie not supposed to be bred) but they should all be registered.

    Microchipping FAQs - Department of Primary Industries

    This is a cross breed and pure breed forum but we don't like to encourage irresponsible breeding, or increasing the number of unwanted dogs in the world.

    So given that most "designer" breeds come from puppy mills, you're not going to get a lot of help here. If someone does know a breeder they think is responsible - they can PM you the details but not post it in the thread.

    Announcements - Dogs & Products For Sale
    As we have a bias for ethical breeding, and discourage people from cross breeding and back yard breeding, we will only be accepting threads which are advertising registered puppies, rescue puppies, and cross breed puppies for give away.

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    Ah, the old cross breeding cannot be ethical chestnut! But we've been over that plenty of times and I have no motivation to go there again. Today.

    Leah, when you ask for a "good breeder" what is it that you mean? I only know of one person here who got a purposely bred poodle cross and I haven't seen her around for quite a while now. So it is unlikely that anyone - except for cavalierqld - could recommend any specific breeders. But there have been a few posts that give you some idea of what to ask a breeder if you want to make sure that their dogs are treated well and that your pup will be as healthy and happy as can be.

    And just to check, what kind of temperament are you after? (In my opinion choosing a dog based purely on looks is a recipe for disaster.)

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    In short the main things to look for are:

    Tests for PRA
    Does elbow scores
    Does hip scores (Not a requirement in smaller dogs but preffered)
    Has patella checks
    General vet checks of parents

    Temperaments verified at least back to grandparents.

    Be able to give a good reason for breeding. This can be a interpreted differently by different people but to ME anyone breeding purely to sell puppies is not a good reason. Have a GOOD reason for making a particular mix, not just because Spoodley-doodly-rippy-offy dogs are the flavour of the month.

    They should be able to JUSTIFY the price. If the puppy has a $1500 price tag want to know WHY they feel they can charge that much. Have they used dogs imported from overseas, has the health testing cost them a lot of money. Breeding dogs should not be a money making scam. Anyone who doesn't do EXTENSIVE health testing or use have imported or rare bloodlines shouldn't be charging more than the cost of raising the puppy... Typically a couple of hundred dollars.

    Cares for the puppies and does not have too many dogs that they can adequately care for.

    If you do change your mind I know probably a dozen Poodle breeders who fit these requirement but no cross breeders sorry.
    Alternatively if you do not like poodle (which considering you want a mix I can't see you NOT liking them) then something like an Irish Water Spaniel might be to your liking. Worth exploring anyway.
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    Just another quick note...

    My partner is a big, "manly man" type guy... when I told him i wanted a std poodle he scoffed and basically said no. I said "too bad, IM getting one coz they suit us perfectly" . He reluctantly said ok to keep me happy but said he wouldnt walk him out in public.

    Now... My big burly guy adores our poodle. He is proud to take him anywhere and tells everyone about him. He is amazed at how intelligent, trainable and emotional this poodle is.
    We are getting a second dog... his words were "I only want another poodle"

    My point is.. Poodles do not have to be the froufrou dog you see in the showring. They can be in a basic kennel/retriever clip with a fuzzy face and the general public wont realise it is a poodle, they will say "Oh what a cute poodle x". Poodles are very active, sporty dogs that are so suited to many people, but alot of those people veer away due to the image they have.
    Please go and meet some wellbred poodles, and then make your mind up. I am sure you would be happy with a pure poodle (esp since you are looking at x's, which means you like many of their attributes anyway!"
    If you decide you dont like the poodle.. well then maybe you should be looking at the spaniel or lab or even a lagotto. There is a purebred dog suitable for everyone! You just have to look

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    From what I know the poodle clips were for function and not really for fashionable looks, even the ribbons as topknots were for function to help hunters spot and identify there dogs easier in the water.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beau View Post
    From what I know the poodle clips were for function and not really for fashionable looks, even the ribbons as topknots were for function to help hunters spot and identify there dogs easier in the water.
    Yup, there is a reason for every part of the clip and a poodles coat should be rather wiry, not soft as it is very waterproof.
    The large pack of hair around the chest and head was to keep the heart/lungs warm.
    The balls on the hips were to keep the kidneys warm.
    The balls above the feet were to keep the joints warms but the clipped legs allowed them to move freely in the water.
    The ball on top of the tail and the shaved base was so the tail was not too heavy but the hair on top allowed them to tie a ribbon for identification.

    And finally the reason for a topknot on top of the head and a 1/3 docked tail was so the hunter could grab the hair on their head and their tail to pull them out of the water.

    There is methos to the madness

    I can relate to your story auspoodle. My OH wasn't a fan of poodles at ALL, if we went for a walk, I had to hold the leash. If people asked what dogs we had he wouldn't mention breed. Now he loves them and doesn't care at all.
    My mum used to do dog grooming and there was one older guy who used to bring in a little silver toy poodle. When he picked her up the big biker covered in tattoos would put her in the carrier on the back of the harley and they would ride away, it was adorable

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    thankyou everyone for your thoughts and advice

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    I Pm'd you Icay, not sure you got it. The responsible breeder i know dosent have any pups at the moment, Was a longshot as they rarely have a litter but worth a shot.
    Good luck!
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    Hi CavalierQld

    your friend might know someone else who meets her standards, and has or will have what lcay wants. I hope she gets the PM.

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