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Thread: Your horror bite story

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    Default Your horror bite story

    When I was a kid we had a big Belgian Shepherd (I think that was the breed). We loved him sooo much but he ruled our house. He was so big he would drag us when we took him out. He hated other dogs and was super dominant.
    So one day I took him out for a walk, always on a leash. There was an unleashed white big dog. He was gorgeous. He came to us and I yelled to his owner to come get her dog. She just stood there. I begged her to get her dog before he comes too close but she did not.
    So he came to us and the dogs got into it. My dog was standing on top of him going to bite him, I was so scared the other dog will get hurt, I jumped in and separated them.
    As soon as the white dog got up he bit me on my bum. Hard. (granted if my bum was smaller it wouldnt have happened lol)
    It was really bad I ended up at the doctors having to show a perfect set of tooth marks on my bum. It was awful.

    Now Hooch is super friendly, just a puppy who wants to play with every dog he sees. He is submissive and has no mean bone in his body. He will *never* bite another dog or even try to start a fight, he will just run off if a dog snaps at him. But every time... every single time, we are approached by another dog, I stop breathing and I get super scared.

    Would love to hear stories and how it effected you.

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    When I was a kid we had an Australian Terrier called Chuck..... (I think my sister named him after Rifleman, for those who are old enought to remember!). He was a shocking biter, funny how you just accepted it back then. It was always considered to be our fault, getting too close to the dog with food or just not recognising his cranky mood. I still have a scar on my hand where he sank his teeth in. Never bit us on the face though, that would have been scary. He even bit the insurance salesman after stealing his biscuit, and still he was tolerated, even loved (well maybe loved for biting the insurance salesman).

    He also had the classic small dog, big mental picture sydrome and was a nightmare to walk. He'd try and fight a GSD, anything. Still we walked him though I must have been about 7 or 8, so many terrifying moments. I still freeze at the sound of dog fights, I know what you mean about stopping breathing, in my mind I am just repeating "make it stop, make it stop." I find it one of the most distressing things to witness and it becomes very hard to react, despite being rational, assertive and sometimes fearless in other aspects of my life!

    Now I have two very friendly BCs who would never start a fight, but unfortunately if they are at all nervous or unsure of approaching dogs (especially large ill-mannered ones that charge straight at you) their preferred position is between my legs. This has made for some interesting times at the off-leash beach when I might have 4 or 5 dogs circling around my legs while they try and sort out their friend or foe status. It's trained me I guess to maintain complete composure and calmness though, I figure as long as I project that then my dogs will stay calm and the chances of anything escalating are less. Worked ok so far.

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    My mum once came home with a Pekingese she got of an old lady who had to go into a nursing home. Snapped at the drop of a hat. He bit my 3 sisters multiple times, but never bit me - maybe he did recognise I was the baby of the family? My mum got rid of him after a month - no idea where he went to.

    The only time I got bitten was someone else's smallish dog who was clearly scared when I approached him (I was taught to read dogs' body language when I was two because it was near impossible to prevent me approaching strange dogs). That turned into a nice little bruise on my thigh. I didn't blame the dog either, I blamed myself.

    Dog fights... I've seen a few as my old dog was pretty anti-social. She never, ever actually bit another dog though, so I suppose they were scuffles. She once did get bitten herself. By a dog who lived most of his life on the streets with his drug addict owner. And I stupidly fed my dog her dinner in front of him. He approached her bowl, she wouldn't back off and before I knew it they were fighting. My dog had several puncture wounds - fortunately only little. The worst one was the tip of her ear. I was staying at someone else's place and had to explain to them why the room looked like a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    And when I was a teenager we had a German Shepherd. And he got a attacked a few times by a Rottweiler that would just come flying out of nowhere and latched onto our dog's throat and would not let go. It was extremely scary. Our dog never required medical treatment fortunately and no humans got bitten, but our poor dog got very nervous about going for walks.

    The criteria at the absolute top of my list when I looked for a rescue was that they must get on well with other dogs. And Banjo is a total dream in that regard. The other day I noticed that a woman whose young dog was playing with Banjo was holding her older dog by the collar. When she saw me look she explained her dog was old and grumpy and didn't get on with other dogs. And it was still quite amazing to hear myself so: "Oh if she is grumpy my dog will stay right away from her, so don't worry". And it's true. Not only is Banjo friendly to all dogs, she has an excellent 'grumpy dog' radar and will just avoid them completely. And must give off all the right signals too because none of them have ever felt the need to pursue her either.
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    My dog never had chew toys... we were it. He would actually really chew on us and we let him because we loved him so much and mum and dad didnt seem to make a big deal out of it. He was gorgeous but I think my parents were so bad at training him. Mum made him better food than us. We would steal from his pot lol

    I am lucky I found this forum where I can read advice and get an idea of how to become a better owner. I would never want my son to be exposed to poor dog ownership by myself or others.

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    1986/87? location of incident Strow st Yeppoon qld : location of bite: left buttock cheek myself, partial calf removal / (entire (gastrocnemius- outer) of my friend. The dog was dispatched in the middle of the street with an Axe to the back of the neck by a man at # 45 or 47 who came to our rescue after hearing the terrified screams and yelling by us. The dog was owned by complete (insert the most abysmal words known to mankind here) person in # 59.
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    oh my god that is awful.. I am really sorry Beau

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    oh Beau, you poor bugger, that sounds awful....i haven't ever really had a bad experience except with a chihuahua, when I used to walk past this one house every day, this little mangy creature used to latch onto my sock and bark while i was walking the distance of his front yard. He would then unlatch and I would be on my way again, free of my little passenger lol.

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    Other than a few teeth scratches from playing to rough, I have never been biten in over 30 years of training dogs. Not sure if that is just luck or not.

    Now wifey has a funny story we love to tell. Back in SA it was useful to have an attack trained dog so we were busy working on her BC. He was in a nice sit and my wife walked of towards where the "criminal" was hiding. As the criminal "knocked " my wife to the ground she screamed the release and he came flying in to the defence. However, my wife was now on her knees, head down and bum up. You guessed it. Bum cheeks made a nicer target than the crim. Hilarious, and yes I had to get my own dinner because I was laughing so hard.
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    lol funniest home video would have given you (your wife!) $500 for this

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    I was about 14. Our neighbour took us surfing every weekend. He had a Kombi and a Rottwieller X Lab who was very protective of the Kombi.

    I slid open the back door to throw my board in the back and instead of seeing the inside of the vehicle i saw the inside of the Rotty.

    His bottom teeth got me under the jaw and his top teeth sank into my forehead !! It happened so fast i had no time to react. Scared the crap out of me.

    I was looking straight down his throat as he bit me on the face. Luckily i only had a few puncture wounds, lost a bit of Claret, and stained my jocks a smelly shade of brown.

    Classic case of a old protective dog and a silly kid who didnt listen to the 100's of warnings i was given about not opening the door if the owner wasnt there.

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