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Thread: Your horror bite story

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    Mine isn't really a horror story, when I was in grade 11 or 12 I was walking to school a cattle dog ran out of its open yard, stalked me up the foot path and then bit my leg... just because I was there and it was there.

    Lol another time when I was 10 or 11 I was playing with out bitsa pitty cross dog and he went to grab the stick out of my hand and accidently bit my thumb. My nail was pretty nasty after that.

    My little sister once thought it would be a good idea to put her face near our friends rotty cross GSD while he was eating and was bitten on the face, she still has the scars from his teeth now. That dog was all bad though.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I have only been bitten by a Maltese, hardly an injury.

    I have witnessed a few dog fights and separated quite a few, with the help of my hubby..............Mostly due to the fact that we are so involved with dog training....the first week people come is often scary in the car-park

    But the worst dog fight was at week three of owning our rescue newfie Annabelle, when Annabelle decided to kill our Tessa. It was not a scuffle. We heard screaming, the only way to describe it, and found Annabelle shaking Tessa by the neck. She was throwing her from side to side....We both ran in and we tried the pick up by the back legs...Annabelle hung on. We tried to un-latch her, not possible. We grabbed her by the ears, we tried everything....meanwhile Tessa was going into shock. I just ended up sitting on Annabelle and hubby used a metal door wedge to open her teeth. As soon as he freed them I held her and just spoke to her quietening her and trying to hopefully not get bitten. She was completely right brain.......Spaced out. But I calmed her and put a check-chain on her. We put her calmed down in the kennel run and attended to Tessa..........Tessa was a mess, but no arteries/veins or important structures were injured. The vet wanted to PTS Annabelle, but I told him I did not know the how and why. And Tessa could be quite assertive and might just have picked on the wrong dog. I knew Annabelle had had a good first ten weeks of life and that she had been cruelly treated for the next twelve months....crated 24/7 and we think teased.........She had been so calm the first three weeks. But Craig Murray taught me a lot about the three week period

    That was nearly 4 years ago.........And so started our Journey of learning and finding it so difficult to get help from anyone......I was 3/4 way through a Delta Course......No help from there, behaviourist Vet local, no help. The Kennel Club I am now with no help.....Only a local trainer and many trainers from Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne would take us on. Some help from Robert Holmes.....Many work-shops, Seminars, Courses, NDTF and lots of Training sessions we finally got a great dog after about 9 months. And now continuous training goes on forever.....She is a great friend of Tessa's, we train them together and we do lots of things together. We have them living together, even when we are not home. You can rehabiltate bad dogs, but you have to give it a lot of time (and $$$$'s) and I will never pass her on.........It is me she trusts.

    But because of her I am a better dog trainer, because I met lots of other Trainers and dogs ( with similar problems).

    We have had two more dog fights since......One in the first year, one not so long ago..........neither were to the same degree and by just scruffing Annabelle by her back, she just let go and no injuries at all, just wet.

    But I am no fool, I know I manage my dog Annabelle.....I read her extremely well, I use calming signs and I know dog behaviour. Tessa also needed a lot of re-training, because she was not totally innocent

    Annabelle can be in crowds now, with dogs and people....She shows no stress signs and is happy, she needed to learn to cope. But I also keep and eye out for her and protect her from idiots (owners), I manage her. I would never let her off lead with dogs we do not know, but she is off lead at newfie days and with some kennel Club dogs, her friends and reliable dogs and handlers who know her well

    I think Annabelle is now well stabilized and counter conditioned/desensitized. We can take her anywhere. But will never forget that fight, I thought Tessa was being killed.........
    Pets are forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nev Allen View Post
    Other than a few teeth scratches from playing to rough, I have never been biten in over 30 years of training dogs. Not sure if that is just luck or not.

    Now wifey has a funny story we love to tell. Back in SA it was useful to have an attack trained dog so we were busy working on her BC. He was in a nice sit and my wife walked of towards where the "criminal" was hiding. As the criminal "knocked " my wife to the ground she screamed the release and he came flying in to the defence. However, my wife was now on her knees, head down and bum up. You guessed it. Bum cheeks made a nicer target than the crim. Hilarious, and yes I had to get my own dinner because I was laughing so hard.
    Oh my god, your poor wife hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! I literally laughed out loud!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunny-girl View Post
    My dog never had chew toys... we were it. He would actually really chew on us and we let him because we loved him so much and mum and dad didnt seem to make a big deal out of it. He was gorgeous but I think my parents were so bad at training him. Mum made him better food than us. We would steal from his pot lol

    I am lucky I found this forum where I can read advice and get an idea of how to become a better owner. I would never want my son to be exposed to poor dog ownership by myself or others.
    That made me laugh! My parents were totally ignorant when it came to dogs too. Though we never had a dog quite that bad. We did have a Spaniel with aggression issues though. I think part of the reason why he became that way was because my sister and I used to give him contradictory orders as some kind of competition. "Snuffles, get up the couch!" - "Snuffles OFF the couch". I can't clearly remember because I was pretty young, but we confused the crap out of the poor dog and should have never been allowed to be alone at home with him. (Our family should've just never been allowed to own a dog really.)

    He bit some of our family a few times (can't even remember if he ever bit me) but the turning point was when he bit my sister's friend. And I very clearly remember that. She came in one afternoon and as soon as she saw the dog she yelled at him in an angry voice "Go to your basket!". The dog obediently sat in his basket. And when us kids protested to the friend that she had treated him unfairly, she finally said "Oh ok then" and went over to give the dog a pat and he bit her on the hand. I must have been about 6 then and I clearly remember thinking "You bloody well deserved that". But the kid couldn't stand the sight of blood and even though it was only a shallow wound, she fainted and it was a huge drama and the next day my mum brought the dog to the pound. I never spoke to that girl again.

    But it is kind of funny how easily you accept a snappy dog as a kid, hey. If my dog would attempt to bite me now, I would totally freak out!

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    Back in SA
    Do you mean South Africa?

    In South Australia most of the attack dogs belong to police or criminals.

    But try explaining that to my evil hound... she can't decide whether or not to lick the lawn mower man or eat him. But he revs her up. He thinks she won't bite him but I'm not so sure, it's not what she says.

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    Beloz - I am the same. Would totally freak out if Hooch tried to bite me!!
    He is super weird though.. he never bites. Not even during play. He got into my in laws chicken yard. He pinned a chicken down... laid with her pinned under his paw, looking around. Kinda like "look what I go look what I got". But that was it. Chook was unharmed and the next day laid an egg lol

    Hyacinth - I was wondering the same thing. Didn't think normal people train attack dogs unless it is for police/army etc.

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    1 dog bite, by design not accident, 22 years ago. Had to stuff my my arm into the mouth of a red heeler to stop it from attacking my Daisy.

    I still bear the scars on my forearm as a daily reminder of never to allow a dog off leash wearing a choke-chain.

    RIP Daisy.

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    Yes H, South Africa - sorry forgot that there is another SA.

    By the way, do you all know why the post man always drives dogs into a frenzy. It is because he is the only person who comes to your house on a regular basis but is never allowed in. In dog language that means he is not wanted so lets chase him off.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    Pinkest - sorry about Daisy.. why never to allow a dog off leash on a choke chain?

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