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Thread: Hybrid - that peeves me off

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    Your so right hyacinth, selecyion is very important, whether you breed a pure or a cross, but done properly it has to be an improvement on some of our pure breeds thats for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pepe001 View Post
    I wish the cross breeders would stop calling their crosses breed1 breed2 hybrids. To the general public that implies they are stronger and more sturdy due to hybrid vigor. But domestic dogs, dingos and wolves are the same species so not hybrids. If they were hybrids the offspring would be infertile - just like mules. Not sure what others opinions are or what you will post, I am just getting a pet peeve off my chest.
    I dont understand what is so peevish about it? Using it in that context is correct:

    "hy·brid/ˈhīˌbrid/Noun: A thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture. Adjective: Of mixed character; composed of mixed parts. "

    And in fact, wolves, dogs and dingoes ar NOT part of the same species, they are all different sub species of the same genus.

    Heard of google? wealth of information that sometimes comes in handy before running your mouth off.

    You can have a hybrid of wolf/dog becuse they are different species. You cn have a hybrid of breeds, but NOT becuse they are different species, but becuse they are different breeds and therefore, lo and behold, a mix.

    Tecnically the true meaning refers to interspecies crossing, but can be applied quite acurately to mixed breed dogs.

    And I think anyone with half a brain knows a "hybrid" is a fancy way of saying cross breed....I think it would be a minority that would assocate it automatically with hybrid vig.
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