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Thread: C'mon fess up ! What breeds dont you like ?

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    Pleeeeeez dont hate me for this but for me its the APBT......
    I have owed many in my younger days however after witnessing the most horrific thing I have seen involving the death of my female Belgian Shepherd,
    I can"t even look at a Red Nose without having flashbacks.....literally.
    This was more than one dog attacking another, it was terrible. The vet of 30yrs said it was the worst thing he has witnessed & two of the vet nurses recieved counselling after dealing with my beautiful girl,
    what was left of her.....
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    I'm sorry this happened to you and your dog, I respect your decision not to like this breed after such a bad experience.

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    Oh fenriz, im sorry that happened to you...>>sends shivers<<< I hope the owner was crucified in court, not saying that would have have helped you!

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    rat bag i know what you think about a staffy but there not like people make them look like to they are loyal, protective and so loving. i own my life to a staffy because thay save my live a few times first time i met a staffy i was a baby and i was on the 2 story house and i was to close to the eged and this staffie came flying past my nan and she fort oh s*** the dog going to kill the baby but no the staffy came up a push me the outher way a push me on my bum and that was the day my nan forgive the breed
    and the 2nd time i was playing in the paddock with the puppys and two big boxers jump the fence and these dog were dangros around the street any thay were coming at me and my sister and the puppys i put my self in betreen the dogs and my sister and the puppies and told her to run then my dog ruby myar came runing up past me and put her self in beteen me and the boxers and fort them and won the figth and just last year my ruby myar ran away and got hit by a car and she waited for some one to be there for her and there was when she past on and she knew that i wasnt ready to let her go so she left me her 5 week old puppy who is named after her great mum who i loved so much so i named her as ruby mc nugget and im happy to say that nugget is like her mum in every way but i never forget her she changed my life after 4 year s
    of my loving dog ruby who tort me every thing like hope ,trust, loyalty ,respect and companonship the things i will never forget that the long loney path with ruby by my side were the best days of my live and now im ready to start agen on the long loney path with nugget by my side like her mum she will be my forever loving friend in the hole world staffys are the best dog i can have there not dangeros like people think and the funny thing is i have adhd and high autism and i can handle a staffy better than any thing else and my moto is for the staffy is this
    Pride shines in our eyes loyal to a loving heart
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    Off topic, of course, but were you all aware, writing of young men without, and staffies with, that in America, of course, a company has made a fortune making prosthetic testicles for owners desexing, that DON'T WANT THEIR DOG TO FEEL INFERIOR. ...PLUS, they choose, usually, the size LARGER... I think I know the nadir of human stupidity, and they get me, every time.

    Fenriz, so sad to read your story. It's such an horrifying image, you flinch at the thought of it.

    ruby mc, you made me cry. BIG, BIG hugs
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    Fenriz, that is absolutely horrid, and totally understandable. And like Cav said, the owner should have to pay dearly!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menageriemanor View Post
    Off topic, of course, but were you all aware, writing of young men without, and staffies with, that in America, of course, a company has made a fortune making prosthetic testicles for owners desexing, that DON'T WANT THEIR DOG TO FEEL INFERIOR. ...PLUS, they choose, usually, the size LARGER... I swear I know the nadir of human stupidity, and they get me, every time.
    yeah I have read that somewhere before. How pathetic lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oskar's mum View Post
    Ratbag, no need to be afraid of staffies, they have lovely natures, but I do know where you are coming from. I can not stand wankers who try to look like something they aren't. And, I have tattoos, but c'mon the southern cross tattoo?? I reckon that is the saddest one around lol, and they have an obviously entire dog (if he is pissing every where lol) to make them look a bit more macho lol!!

    Oskar is an American staffy and he is beautiful natured. I suppose I am biased, but I love every staffy I come across (except stray dogs in general. I always am worried around strays)
    Just because a male (or female) dog marks doesn't mean it isn't desexed. Carter marks he has had the snip, my friends Koolie marks he is desexed and my bitch Keira (also desexed) marks. Lots of desexed dogs mark, it has naught to do with having balls.

    I dislike Dachshunds, have yet to meet one that doesn't have an aggression issue. Not a fan or JRT's. Labradors annoy me to no end. Any Small fluffy really. Oodles, although some are ok.

    Sorry ClareBear have to disagree with your assessment that Pitbull's who have been treated badly are more likely to have aggression issues then other dogs.
    51 dogs were rescued from the Vick property. 2 died in custody (suspect circumstances), 2 were PTS (1 was crazy from overbreeding, 1 had an untreatable injury) the other 47 were rescued, many were rehomed with families, including children and other dogs and many are now therapy dogs with their CGC, some of these dogs include champion fighters and bait dogs, none were ever treated as anything other than property, they were never socialised properly, they were mistreated and fought and they came out the other end better then most dogs of other breeds would have.
    The team who initially assessed these dogs were not even expecting to save 10% of the dogs.
    They are no more likely to be aggressive coming from a bad circumstance then any other breed of dog.

    Also never off leash in public? Really....
    Many Pitbulls compete in a variety of dog sports including agility, dock diving, flyball, disc dogs etc, all requie the dog to be off leash in public with other dogs and lots of people.
    What about the PBs that are therapy dogs.

    I am all for the fact that they need extra responsible owners, who are willing to put in lots of hard work socialising, training and bonding to their dog and who understand the possibility of a dog becoming DA or dog selective and needing someone who is willing to take on the responsibility of managing a dog IF it does become DA ie: knowing its limitations but I don't agree with this stigma that they are more likely to be more aggressive then other dogs if from a bad background or that they are not to be trusted off leash in public ever. If that is how Pb's lovers think then of course other people of the general public are going to be scared.

    I trust Phoenix off leash because I have spent 18 months building an unbreakable bond with her, working on excellent recall and off leash control and socialising her so that she isn't so overwhelmed or over aroused by the sight of other dogs that she forgets I am there.
    Just last night she was off leash at agility, multiple dogs off leash around her, lots of people, lots of noise, no dramas, she was with me the whole time barely even looked away. And in fact most of the Border Collies and working breeds at these classes are more aggressive then Phoenix (not heresay, the owners admit it outright).

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    Thank you Ruby McNuggett. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into your reply to better inform me on Staffies. I can see you love your dog beyond words and I LOVE your motto. I have a boy with high functioning autism and he loves his cat in the same special way you love your dog. Mind you he loves his computer and World of Warcraft just that little bit more!

    Ruby is just as lucky to have you as you are to have her.

    Keep fighting that lonely road, one step at a time. Hopefully things will get better and easier for you.

    But this is why Ruby McNuggett is so special - she sees your magic.

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    Dribbly breeds gross me out. Thats about all.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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