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Thread: A great idea a friend just sent me....

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    Lightbulb A great idea a friend just sent me....

    BAD RAP Blog: flirt pole fun
    Husband will be making it for Hooch see how his "leave it" command works... or doesn't lol

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    I play a similar game with the hose and water.

    But evil hound tends to chomp my hand instead of the water or even the end of the hose. Sigh.

    I'm not sure how long a flirt pole would last. A rope that fine doesn't usually last very long.

    We've got really good give and geddit and we're working on better tug. And some retrieve.

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    I have been using this in my basic obedience and agility training sessions with our students. It gets a low pray drive dog hyper in seconds. Didn't know it as a "flirt pole" though. We use a buggy whip from the local horsey shop.

    Teaching a dog that does not tug, to tug, takes a few minutes with this. It is also very useful for the basics of retreive. And as the video clip says, a tired dog is a happy dog.
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    When I saw the title as "flirt pole"... let me tell you... I did not think it was going to be about a toy for dogs LOL

    I think our problem will be getting Hooch to drop it. Will definitely do it, he will absolutely love it and it will be a great way to teach him!

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    LOL.Flirt pole, great name...........

    We use a Lunge whip and raccoon is Tessa's all favourite game. Annabelle however is not into it at all.

    Great game with some dogs and as it show good training tool
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    They are great fun for you and your dog, the both of you will love it *thumbs up*
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