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Thread: Dog Attack - Lake Macquarie

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    oh two of them even...thats even more odd imo. LOL

    Sounds like these dogs were just really gunning for her, and that doesnt make sense to me at all

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    At a previous home, there was a SWF over my back fence. It didn't matter what I did, it would have a go at me, and bark at me, even when I went into any room at that end of the house, let alone my back yard. Some dogs are just bonkers. They don't need provoking.

    A Rotti lived with the SWF, and I successfully trained that to be ok with me in my own home. mostly by chucking treats over when it was being good. And occasionally by hosing it when it was being bad (bouncing off the fence and barking). Probably not the methods I'd use now, but it worked on the Rotti. The SWF barked at everything all the time.

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    Im not saying the dogs needed provoking.

    But, in order to jump 2 fences, that indicates it wasnt next door, but one over from that. I just find it strange that dogs would jump 2 fences to get at a woman in her backyard.

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    Council accused over dog attack - Local News - News - General - Newcastle Herald
    Council accused over dog attack


    18 May, 2012 04:00 AM

    THE state government has been urged to investigate why authorities failed to declare dogs as dangerous on a Lake Macquarie property, before a savage dog attack occurred.
    The Newcastle Herald reported yesterday that two American Staffordshire terriers that lived on the Mirrabooka site jumped two two-metre fences into a neighbouring property and attacked Natalie Southam, aged 19.

    The attack, last Friday, left Ms Southam with wounds to her ear, back of the neck and arms that required 19 stitches.

    The dogs were destroyed after the attack.

    Lake Macquarie City Council said it did not have "sufficient evidence to warrant the issue of a dangerous dog declaration" before the attack.

    To read the Herald's opinion, click here.

    But the council was accused yesterday of ignoring dozens of complaints about dogs acting in a dangerous and vicious manner at the property.

    Society of Companion Animal Rescuers vice-president David Atwell said the council "should be investigated for its part in this sorry affair".

    Local Government Minister Don Page's office did not respond to questions about whether he would conduct an investigation, whether dangerous dog laws should be toughened and whether American Staffordshire terriers should be a restricted breed.

    Mr Page's spokeswoman said: "Council has advised that it is responding to this matter."

    Council waste environment and rangers manager Keith Stevenson said in a statement there had been 11 requests to the council about dogs at the property from March 2009 to November 2011.

    "Some were anonymous and some from third parties," Mr Stevenson said.

    "Each matter was appropriately investigated, or responded to, by an inspection of the premises and interview with the owner by a ranger."

    Mr Stevenson said the council had a "sound record in pursuing action against owners who are found to have dangerous dogs, including orders and court actions".
    Stephen Smith, of Mirrabooka, said he and his partner Meike Jackson contacted the council many times.

    "I would speak to the council, they would tell me to speak to the RSPCA and they would tell me to speak to the council or police," Mr Smith said.

    The couple's complaints were about "dogs screaming and trying to kill each other, constant fighting, howling and barking".

    Residents said one dog was killed on the property by another dog and "puppies were ripped to pieces" several times.

    The Herald left messages for the owner, but was unable to speak to them.

    The owner was yesterday advertising American Staffordshire terrier puppies on the website

    ‘‘We are a small kennel dedicated to breeding quality dogs,’’ it said.

    Mr Stevenson said in a statement that rangers had previously inspected the premises and ‘‘did not believe the owner was operating a dog-breeding business, given there was a relatively small number of dogs (five to six) found’’.

    But Ms Jackson said up to 40 dogs were kept on the property at times.

    ‘‘I told that to council rangers,’’ she said.
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    This is very sad to here, and it must of been terrifying for that poor lady. I get sick of uneducated breeders (owners) who give this breed a bad name which it doesn't deserve.

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    * shaking head in disbelief*

    Damage control already in overdrive .... this is what annoys me about it being so easy to obtain a 'prefix' and become a 'registered' breeder. Cowboys and absolute dead set idjiots everywhere
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    It's kind of amazing that in Victoria we have dogs that have never done a thing wrong getting put down daily because they look a certain way, but in NSW dogs that are actually dangerous are left in the public. The laws and law makers in this country are a joke.

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    RE: Why and how did the dogs jump to 2mtre fences, the girl who was attacked said that her dog was in the backyard and that the dogs originally jumped the fence to go for her dog but then somehow ended up attacking her.
    Personally she is friends with the owner of the dogs and I believe it is an excuse. Dogs who are dog aggressive (and have apparently never shown HA) do not jump two 2 metre fences to attack a dog and then just decide to go the human instead.

    Council are covering their arses. I wrote to the Mayor and the reply I got listed that the council received 7 complaints (amongst other complaints including barking and digging to escape, and excessive dogs) that surrounded the dogs fighting, killing puppies or killing a goat but claim it was all heresay and they couldn't prove anything.
    I know of dogs who have been declared dangerous for MUCH less, so this is just a BS excuse from the Council for the lack of action.

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