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Thread: Jealousy

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    im glad that she is settling in with you.
    ive heard that the dog you bring home, turns into a different dog. roughly, mine have been about a 2 month settle in period before we see how they 'fit' into our family 2 and 4 legged members plus copious amounts of visiting teenagers and relatives.
    eg. 8 months into owning our pup, we have my daughters acting troup here doing a play rehearsal yesterday, god help me!, singling, loud etc. Pohm decided that this was just not on, and they should all get the heck out. Growling, stalking, staring them down. She got booted out for this, whilst nice mannered dog got to stay indoors. We let her in and she started again, she got thrown out again, for good this time. She was not allowed back into the house till they'd left. Jealousy? Resource gaurding? who knows, what i saw was bad manners = OUT.

    Already your bitch has left her hackles down, happy to see you, linking you with lovely good things.
    The aggro, whatever is its anticedent, will go if not re-inforced.

    it all sounds good.

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    My name isn't Hyacinth, Nev... that's why the micro signals and knowledge of personality is important. You can have the same act done for different reasons. KelpieL, it may be that your kelpie nips the little ones because she feels she has authority over them and she can stop them approaching, but because you are her leader, anything you do is never criticised. With a large dog, she may feel she doesn't have the authority, as it's a visitor? Maybe...

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    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    Laugh @Nev Im glad i am not the only one chastized for using an incorrect name
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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    Nev , you have NOTHING to worry about. Just have a go at someone never letting her dog in the house... and I got her sex wrong, and suggested she might have a girlfriend.

    bernie, clearly you can't allow it, but have you thought that your dog saw these children in the same light? This is not how our family lives... She may have felt they were yowling at you, and she was defending you, your honour, perhaps, depending on how bad they were, your pup may have felt they were baying at your daughter, and she was under threat. Or her singing was wails of unhappiness, or for help...

    Damn these kids, come here and made the baby sad, and it just never stops wailing. She must be so distraught. Which one of these little baskets is making you upset? Aunty Pohm will fix them
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