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Thread: my new pup is soon coming into her first heat

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    Default my new pup is soon coming into her first heat

    hey there, my new pup will probably be in heat soon, obviously i don't want her pregnant and this will be my first time dealing with this

    so i'm just posting to ask about peoples personal experience and general advice about reducing the risks of pregnancy

    my 2 male dogs are desexxed, but should i seperate them during the heat?
    will it be particularly difficult to keep other dogs out of my yard? should i go into overdrive making sure my yard is secure? my dogs havn't found a way out in over 6 months but i guessing that a persistant enough dog would just keep digging until they got under
    would it just be easier to keep her inside for a week?

    thanks, joel

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    I once lived with a dog on heat and we had a male dog pretty much camping out on our driveway. I brought him back home about 10 times, but his owners didn't bother to fix their fence and he was back at our place before me. Didn't manage to get into the yard, but someone accidentally left the gate open one day when we were out. And that was it. The bitch nearly died giving birth and produced 2 adorable little mongrels.

    I would probably keep her inside when you're out for those 2 weeks. Better safe than sorry!

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    Get her sterilised?
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    Hi joller, If she isnt getting neutered, you will need to keep her indoors ALL the time and only take her out when she is watched. Males find extraordinary agility skills including jumping, digging and just generally forcing their way in places you would never dream they could to get to a female in season.
    Your neutered males wont bother her to much, though that depends how old they were when fixed, some will still have the urge and may annoy her , but cant get her in pup.

    You can actually buy sanitary pants to put on her inside the house at that time from the net or some pet stores, I use them for my girls and they work great.
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    you can also get the pill for your dog that will prevent the season mess and puppy risk... something to discuss with your vet.

    I would not risk leaving her outside where other dogs could jump into your yard and get her pregnant.

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    I would be getting her spayed... and if you can't do that keep her inside for 2-3 weeks, that's how long it can last for. As Cav said you can get pads for them to wear.

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    Joller, If you intend breeding with this bitch you have to avoid an accident like her life depended on it. If you cannot watch her 100% of the time put her in a crate or at least tether her inside where she will not cause any issues with the drops of blood.

    Some dogs give off a strong odour and others hardly smell at all. This smell is what attracts the males. Bathing her rear end regularly will help with this. Spraying your wifes Gucci on her won't win you brownie points but will make her smell nicer.

    We breed BC's, and the wife now has a brood Sheltie as well, and we have a stud male so we have this issue a couple of times a year.The bitch is either in her crate or on a lead next to one of us 24/7.

    If you are not breeding then spay after her season but be aware most vets will not spay if she is pregnant.

    I would not use the pill. Did once and, 12 months later, it totally screwed up her hormones - had 3 seasons in one year.

    Your peak danger period is 10 to 14 days from when the season started but can stretch from 8 to 21 days so take care.
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    What others have said. Unless supervised she should be inside the house in a secure area. Male and female dogs will often go to crazy lengths to mate. I know of male dogs who have scaled 7 foot fencing and gone through plate glass window to get to females on heat and the females are often not innocent either happy to jump fences and escape to make herself available.

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    thanks for all the helpful information!

    luckily my house has floorboards so any mess caused by the heat won't be a big deal, i will spend the weekend making my backyard more secure but will also be keeping her mostly inside during this time

    will dogs be following me while i walk her? how do i get them to go away?

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    Using bitches britches on walks is a good idea, that way if there is any unwanted attention from males there can be no accidents. A sex crazed dog can be hard to stop and all it takes is one slip and you could end up with a pregnancy. The britches stop that problem at least.

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