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Thread: my new pup is soon coming into her first heat

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    Your so right Joel, it wont be worth the risk. you will just have to get a chastity belt...lmao, wow now theres an old word, i could just be showing my age here.
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    The risk of haemorrhage is far, far greater when they are already in season, as the body naturally increases the blood flow to the uterus etc.

    So yes, many vets won't do it. Some will but they should be advising you of the higher risk. It will cost more and she should have additional fluids at a minimum.

    Be aware that if she does start she should be kept secure for a full three weeks - as a minimum. It's not a few days, not one week. It's a lot of work. It can be stressful. She may not act like herself, and you may have to put up with unwanted dogs hanging about. She may even go ballistic, really seriously try to escape or act up for a full month or so beforehand as well.

    If you expect and prepare for the worst, you may be pleasantly surprised that you get an easier ride. But if you don't, the consequences are pretty dire. If a bigger dog got to your little girl she could very easily have a life threatening pregnancy.

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    RSPCA concession = pensioner rate.

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    I was going to have the mother and the 2 female pups desexed when the pups were 6 months old. Pretty came into season so I cancelled her booking until afterwards as I did not want to take the risk.

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    i'm a student at uni so i'll see if i can get a student discount (although i doubt it), not one vet said there was a higher risk and i thought that was weird

    so from the day i start seeing little drops of blood i should keep her inside? i've been checking every day for swelling and it doesn't seem like much is happening

    thanks, joel.

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    I would just watch out for swelling, once that starts its time lol. Do you have a centrelink health care card or anything similar?

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    ok cool, yeah i do have a health care card

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