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Thread: Dog food help for a Jack Russell

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    Hi there, I am new and looking for some help!!
    I have an 8yr old female pure bred Jack. She's a fantastic dog!!
    Since Mid-February she had runs, we took her three times to the vet, been on many times of medications, gastro dog food, wet and dry. Nothing worked,
    the vet wanted to do surgical biopsy on her intestinal. I disagreed.
    Our little Jersey girl has been on Natural Balance, no grain, then to duck/rice, and it seemed it wasn't helping her (this was before the vet prescribed dog food)
    Someone recommened plain white rice and boiled lean ground beef, she has been on this for 4 days, and instantly for the first time she didnt have the runs.

    I am in need of finding her a good dog food, after my experience of high quality dog food, should I be looking for all natural but a little less rich?

    Any ideas would be great

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    Hi Jersey

    I guess your post raises a lot of questions for me.

    Was there any lead up to her getting the runs? Such as was she unwell, had a change in diet, could she be eating something off a tree in your yard even.

    Were there any other symptoms - such as loss of energy, lethergy etc. In saying that, I do not know if the answer to these questions would alter my response to you. But I do wonder why you didn't follow through on your vets advice of a biopsy. I am not questioning whether you made the right or wrong decision - just curious as I guess it would be good to rule out any underlying issues. What tests did he conduct and what did he rule out?

    My first thought (and I am no vet or even near that) is giardia.

    As far as your little jrt goes - my advice would be do what works. If processed dog food is not working stick to your rice and beef.

    Don't want to rain on your parade and I have my fingers crossed for you but I would not just assume that after 4 days your problem has resolved itself though. I would give it say 2-3 weeks then you can uncross your fingers and toes. I would then try introducing different meats after this - such as chicken breast, turkey mince and a bit of kangaroo. Keeping in mind turkey mince can be high in fat and kangaroo can be way too rich for some dogs . Does she need to have biscuits or are you happy to cook for her? You may have to continue with a bit of trial and error until you find the perfect diet for your dog.

    Though I give my dogs biscuits a few times throughout the week they mainly exist on chicken pieces/necks, meaty bones, veges, left over pasta/rice and whatever meat is on sale at the supermarket. Generally chicken or turkey. I just stick to supercoat biscuits as that is what they like and as they don't have them often the brand/nutritional make up is not too important to me. I stick to a mainly raw diet for no other reason than it suites them - they are happy and healthy and most of all love this food. But in saying that I have never had any problems with their diet making them unwell. Both have stomachs lined with steel! So I have never had to consider other products/choices.

    My best friends greyhound cannot stomach anything bar rice and chicken - he can't even eat a Schmako without it makes him unwell. And I have another friend who swears her dog is intolerant to beef. So I guess there are others out there who have dogs with "not the norm" dietary requirements.

    If your current diet works your decision to bypass the biopsy was a good one!! If you still have no success it might be worth your while getting a second opinion from a different vet as your little girl has had this problem way too long now - she must be feeling awful. Good on you for searching for a better result for your dog. Good luck.

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    If this diet seems stable, after a few weeks, try adding a little grated carrot. It's good for dogs, and if they put on a bit of weight, you can increase the carrot and decrease the meat and rice, for meals.

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    look into Dr Bruces Vets All Natural - Natural Pet Products, Healthy Pets - Home to balance the diet. There is nothing wrong with non-commercial foods you just need to make sure its balanced in the long term. If the dog tolerates beef and rice then stick to it as your protein/carb sources.

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    Did you check her for parasites. Those symptoms are crying out - worms.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    if the dog didnt have runny stools after a change in diet immediately it wouldnt be parasites. They cause problems no matter the diet especially giardia.

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    There is no point increasing the rice imo...its just a filler, its not that nutricious for them.

    Try a home made diet...maybe she has some allergies to food and it makes her poos runny. Thats what Id be looking at.

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