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Thread: Bear baiting with dogs

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    Default Bear baiting with dogs

    I was hoping to tell people that South Carolina, USA, still has bear baiting legal. I visit quite a few animal welfare sites, for petitions, worldwide, and I can tell you that we have no idea, in Oz, the horrifying facts of what is going on. Time and again, America just freezes you in horror, at what goes on in the Land of the Free. The Animal Rescue site, has a petition to get the brutal act made illegal, at least. Please sign it. Just type in Animal Welfare Petitions, and find out what Ukraine has been doing to it's stray dogs, to 'clean the place up' for some World Cup Thingy. A Canada Adventure Travel Company, still running, set up teams of husky type dogs for visitors, then' when the winter Olympics finished and bookings dropped off, the company owners instructed a man to shoot and kill with a knife, every dog. They weren't offered to Sledders, to rescue orgs, to the breeders. Just slaughtered. So many spacies need your help and even if only one in 100, achieves a better result, surely you could add your signature? Thanks.

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    So how is bear baiting any different from pig hunting with dogs?

    Im quite the people eventually kill the bear or is it all about the fight and the entertainment? I assume its a hunting type thing but I could be completely wrong.

    Personally, I am not against using dogs for hunting. And was very interested in taking up pig hunting for a while when I had the perfect dogs for it, I never did though

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    Oh dear, bear baiting is very different from hunting. A bear is caught and put in a round pit. Dogs are added sometimes one by one until the bear is overwhelmed. Dogs and bears die from this 'sport'. I too am all for hunting with dogs. I know my own dog would give his left testicle for the chance to go on a proper hunt preferably for big game (the bigger the better, he was in heaven when he once saw a camel). I would take him if I weren't so worried about him, with his record I just know he would get into trouble...
    But I don't condone unnatural behaviours. Predators hunt, humans and dogs are predators. Bear baiting is unnatural and cruel.

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    Pig hunting is done to help landowners rid thier properties of destructive introduced feral animals.

    Bear Baiting is to satisfy the blood lust of oxygen thieves who should be thrown into the ring with bear instead of the poor dogs. I hope thier dogs turn on them and eat thier faces off.

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    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    Thanks for the shared sentiments, Sean. Except the bears have gone through enough. I'd put the people in the pit and bulldoze them and the world would be a cleaner, kinder place.

    This is one of the most barbaric, drawn out slaughters of an animal caught, forced into a pit and forced to fight for it's life, after dog after dog, usually mastiffs, or pitbulls, attack it, often being torn open, killed themselves, while men - usually men, of low socio economic, education, and IQ, scream with excitement and bet on the dogs who will win - because this isn't a fair fight, this bear is going to be torn apart, by the 5th, 10th, 15th dog... It happens illegally, mainly in the South, but in South Carolina, it's not even illegal. In the North, it's more dogfighting and both, also still legally and illegally, run cockfighting, all over the States.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    Pig hunting is done to help landowners rid thier properties of destructive introduced feral animals.

    Bear Baiting is to satisfy the blood lust of oxygen thieves who should be thrown into the ring with bear instead of the poor dogs. I hope thier dogs turn on them and eat thier faces off.
    I agree it is montrous and I comapre it to bull fighting another "macho" sport, But at least the bull gets to kill the matador occasionally
    Pets are forever

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    Yep, if humans are predators, lets have a fair fight where the humans fight on equal terms and if your good enough you win, if not you die. To set up "events" and take bets and get great pleasure from cocks, dogs, or bears dying...where the only outcome is suffering and death is the pinnacle of the lowest form of humanity.

    We are supposed to be the "intelligent" species, yet we are the only animal that shits in it's own nest! How intelligent is that, we are effectively killing the very planet that supports our lives. We've poisoned the rivers, destroyed natural habitat, polluted the oceans (Gulf of Mexico, anyone?) and altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere
    Name any other species that kills for pleasure and destroys its environment that supports it's life? Yep, real intelligent.

    I have been to the USA, we hear in the media they are the superpower of the world, in reality there people are living as if in a third world country, with backward idea's (sarah Palin) on the purpose of animals. Being quite a religeous country, they believe animals were put on this earth by god to serve man,have no feelings and deseve no respect. Hence the legal entertaiment for the local psycopaths.

    If we think our treatment of animals is bad.....go for a holiday to the USA! Im not saying this is exculusively an American thing, but when you hold yourself out to be "the best country in the world" is usually good to have your laws into the 21st century and care for your people before the money you will make being being on the board of America's leading Arms and millitary production factory.
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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    Very true cavqld. I am constantly astounded at how they boast about their country, and there is so much poverty and conscienceless disregard for their own people and so many lead such savage, brutish lives. You probably do know, but the worst of the puppyfarmers, the really obscene puppymills, are run by the Amish, who seriously view animals as theirs to use and abuse, as they like, as decreed by their God. I thought, a couple of decades ago, that they were picturesque loonies, but they are responsible for most of the worst puppymills. Most of the worst photo's the animal rescue sites use, the really awful ones, are from Amish puppymills.

    PS. While I typed, a magpie came into my living room, and as I handfeed it occasionally, it didn't panic, and I opened the front door, and out it went. (Came in the backdoor).
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    This thread has really intrigued me - so thank you - Menageriemanor.

    Anyway, I did a Mr 'Google' search and found that in the USA - bear baiting is now banned in 18 states. Still a long way to go - but a start. Probably as disturbing for me was hunters in Canada, hiding up trees or in cabins after putting on the ground food to attract the bears to the 'killing zone'. Totally unfair and no way could it be classed as a 'sport' ! This is still classed as 'bear baiting' - only difference - not using dogs !

    It is still seen in Pakistan and is an attraction at fairs.

    This thread could open up a whole can of worms - such as - testing on animals for human products and so on.

    I think what cavalierqld has in her 'signature' sums things up nicely for me.

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    I brought this up because they are pushing hard, now, to get South Carolina to make it illegal, hence the petition. The shooting is vile, in my opinion, but one hopes it is a clean kill and not this ghastly, deeply offensive, low as humankind can get, ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!! This is savagery that doesn't exist in the animal kingdom - to get such enjoyment from watching other species forced together, to try to kill each other, FOR ENTERTAINMENT!!!!

    I actually had included a bit of history of bear baiting in Europe, in the Elizabethan period, to it's dying out, in early Victorian times, in England, but periodically, when I give a long, historical spiel, the website refuses to let me load it and says I have to REFRESH the page, which is like telling me I have to do my own brain surgery in half an hour. I press a few buttons, feel helpless, SWEAR A LOT and then have to give up, and delete it.

    I would recommend that you seek out a doco that the ABC has played twice, I think, The Bear Man of K??? something, in USSR, somewhere... That is what we could achieve with bears. That is the reality of bear savagery.
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