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    Quote Originally Posted by Lala View Post
    Dex is gorgeous! There is a wee Daxie baby that walks past me at the bus stop every morning and he just makes me swoon!

    Personally, I think a bit much may be being read into the situation. When I brang Pippi home, Barney did run at her a few times...he was trying to initiate play and showing off how manly he was. No biggy.

    I wouldnt leave the pup completely unsupervised with all the adults, but just dont make a fuss. Being human, we sometimes get all overly concerned and worried and this comes off us in waves and we change our behaviour and this can make the situation much worse, or at least seem much worse.

    And at the end of the day, the dogs are displaying normal behaviour. Its exciting to meet a youngun. And to be honest, I dont know many adult dogs who would intentionally hurt a youngun.
    I've never really introduced a dog to unknown dogs before so I was just being super careful and watching them all like a hawk incase something happened. I wasn't interfering, just observing and rewarding Dex for being confident and coming out from under the day bed or just approaching the other dogs etc. At puppy school he wouldn't really go up to too many of the dogs, especially the big ones so it was great to see him coping so well. None of the dogs were being bouncy or playful which I think helped since there were no sudden movements or roughness to scare him, where as at puppy school they were all super excited, full of energy and a bit full on. He did get a bit worried when Vesper ran at him, but she didn't do anything to him so he was fine.

    Some more photos just because we all love photos

    and this is what he did for the rest of the day after meeting the other dogs. Was completely passed out for the entire day on my lap or on the couch, also the first time he's been so tired he didn't harass the cat. Chickin has never slept next to Dex before, as soon as he gets a lick or a prod with a nose the cat is out of there and won't settle down to sleep there.

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    Oh my, what an ADORABLE and super sweet little daxie
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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