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Thread: Free to Good Home (ASAP)

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    if it comes to the green neddle thats what he will have to have.........

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    Piss orf... don't threaten us.

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    i not it just that i want to found him a nice house to relaX at but if it going to take ages then he have to have green dream i dont want to do that but i hope i can found some one what will want to take him on boared

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    You won't find him one with threats of the "green dream". People don't take too kindly to that type of attitude to living beings.

    Advertise at the trading post.
    Put flyers up at the vet.

    Expect it to take atleast 2 weeks to find him a home.
    2 weeks is worth it to keep the poor thing alive.

    also try the notice boards at your local supermarket.
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    i can wait i just want to no that some one will take him

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    if no one can take him why not surrender him to RSPCA or GAP or an organisation that will help find him a good home.

    will talk to my friends but not sure if they will take him

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    i dont want to take him to rspca they just put the poor thing down

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    lol how ironic.. that's just what you said you would do.

    Try GAP if he's healthy and is non aggressive I don't see a problem.

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    GAP apparently have along waiting least that was the response yesterday to the query.
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    You aren't going to find an owner for him straight away. You need to advertise in more areas, call your friends and friends of friends etc. Put up flyers like Pugger suggested. Look at it realistically. Someone isn't just going to say "Sure, I'll take him!" without seeing him, knowing his background etc. It's going to take more than just asking us on here to find the poor thing a home.
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