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Thread: What is wrong with some owners ...................

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    Right now, I'd be tempted not to return the dog, given what the owner wanted to do. "always like that" - yeah right. It deserves better.

    Ear drop application is going to be fun. Hopefully if he's feeling better, treats might work.

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    Ratbag, so glad that it is something treatable.

    One tip, before you go in with the eardrops, apply a very warm (but not hot) facewasher over the outside of the ear for a minute or so first just to relax the local muscles and soothe any ache that's still there, then the drops, then the warm flannel again, just hold it to the outside of the ear for a minute or so (with the ear flap down)... will also help prevent ear drop splatter around the room too!

    Had to give Mum's doglet eardrops once - and this method worked a treat.

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    I'm very tempted to agree with Hya.

    So very glad you took him in and he is at least on the way to feeling better

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    Hope the ear is getting better.....
    Pets are forever

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    Ta guys and thanks for the tip Pinkest. Will be done as of now!

    It couldn't have come at a better time as I almost have to tackle him then hold him down to get near that ear. Then every time I got for the ear he shakes and/or moves his head. Isn't it funny how a dog always knows when it is ear drop time even if you hide them in your back pocket and try to look really casual!! This dog is a mind reader.

    He hates getting the drops in the ear but once you massage them in he LOVES it. Once I have finished he head scoots his sore ear along the ground. Today he has picked up considerably. I just put socks on and he is dancing around the lounge room as socks = walk. Once I go for the joggers all hell tends to break out here. As joggers means walk is confirmed!!!

    Do you guys think it is okay to take him to the dog park today? If he goes, he will be on the lead and I obviously would not let him over do it. Just a casual stroll down to the creek and back which is about 20 mins. His temp is back to normal and he is eating.

    I am expecting the dog park to be quiet today (as a rule it is never very busy anyway) as it is mothers day and it is very cold and windy here. First taste of winter I believe.

    I got a one sentence email off the owner last night saying this was so unlike him (meaning the dog) ...............what is that all about. I give up. Owner = asshole.

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