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Thread: What is wrong with some owners ...................

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    Can't get a good look in inside his ear. He won't let me but he will let me look in the other ear. Not forcing the issue as there is obviously something wrong. Off to vets.

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    Can't even look for a piece of chicken? It must be painful.

    It's going to be fun when you get to the vets.

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    Fingers and Pawa crossed here Ratbag.

    Don't have anything else to add other than one's gut instinct is rarely wrong. You listened, and I'm glad you did. Will look forward to your update later on.

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    So what's wrong with the dog?

    Or is it tomorrow?

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    I will be very interested in the outcome of your vet visit ratbag. I have a cavalier who started head shaking directly after a clip as well. We waitied a week or so thinking it was just hair in there then went to a vet as she was still doing it.The vet noticed a small ear infection which made sense as I check ears every 2 weeks or so and it wasnt there before the clip and gave her ear drops and antibiotics and said to come back in 2 weeks.
    2 weeks later no change, back to the vet, the slight ear infection was gone and said the ear was fine. Come back in 2 weeks if no change.

    2 weeks later back at the vets, cant see anything but come back tommorrow and we will put her under and clean it out, which they did.

    Took her back a month later (still shaking her head) and they said the ears are squeeky clean...6 months later, she has had teast for any other "sinister" reasons for head shaking..all clear. $1,700 later, she is still shaking her head and they cant find the cause.

    This also started the day after a clip????????????????
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    Dog has an ear infection.

    He was not happy to see the vet - unlike Sean's dog. Yes, Sean here I am trying to hold down an overweight, barrelled shaped dog and suddenly the thought of your dog always happy to go to the vets popped into my head!! CS was really difficult at the vets and we needed the help of the vet nurse. It is quite amazing how strong an animal can become when scared and feeling threatened. We all broke out in a sweat dealing with him. Biggest workout I've had in a while. Ear is awful - red, swollen, lots of brown crap deep within the ear. He is on antibiotics and ear drops.

    His temp is dropping but still not within the normal range. Vet asked me to take it again today and give him a call. I love the way my vet does that - he always follows through and you can speak to him on the phone. He is always accessible.

    CavQld - vet did say he sees a lot of ear infections after haircuts and said he personally thinks the trigger was more than likely water than fur in the ear.

    Hyacinth - Murphy's Law in action. I always have someone get sick/hurts themselves on public holidays!
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    Great that you got down to the bottom of it and well done on picking up that something was just not quiet wrong with him. Imagine the pain and discomfort he would have been suffering if you had of just waited that extra 48 hours... Good on you for doing the right thing by the animal and not letting the owners or anybody else's opinions sway you. To often people listen to what every tom **** and harry says and it isn't always the best thing for that particular situation.
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    Really pleased that you were able to find out what was wrong ! Ear ache for anyone - human or pet - is very painful ! At least you know that the others in your care should not be affected now.

    Keep on doing what you are doing - go with your gut reaction - and there has been nothing said here by you that really could lead anyone to believe that you are not doing the right thing by what you are responsible for !

    I hope this will be the end of your troubles for a while !

    So keep on going on - and - trust you instincts !

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    Poor boy... And I feel bad when my dogs just get a bit waxy sometimes. Some people never cease to amaze me.

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    Give yourself a pat on the back Ratbag !!! Your a champ in my eyes for getting that sorted out for the poor pooch. Ear aches are very, very painfull !!

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