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Thread: They didn't like my dogs

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    It's still very much like that at home Lala. Most of the people in my home town all own pitbull's or crosses of one - result of BYB

    "Hey my dog just had pups, want one?" that's how i remember people aquiring dogs, never had to pay for one, you could get a dog for free.

    It's pretty slack back there in the hometown. The town is so small if you blink you will miss it, but it's so common to come across dogs walking downtown by themselves, dogs lying on the road, dog neighbours jumping their fences to meet eachother you name it! People didn't neuter cause it's too expensive so dogs would be spitting out pup after pup but they always got homes. We used our PB's as pig hunting dogs along with everybody else.

    There was one dog catcher and he barely did anything. We had a problem with a staffie X living across the rd who use to get off his chain, come up our long driveway to our garage, drag one of our full rubbish bags down the driveway & scavenge through the contents making a HUGE mess. We could hear him come up at night because his 2M chain would still be attached and you could hear it rattling. We had a dog trap would catch him, dog man would come, take him back to the owner & he would show up again the next night. Drove me BONKERS. They had one RSPCA inspector, one lady look after the feline fosters & another looked after the canine fosters they were just as friggin terrible!

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