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Thread: Sammy got hit by a car tonight

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    Default Sammy got hit by a car tonight

    Hey guys, I just thought I would write this post to warn everyone not to let your dogs outside off-lead no matter how quiet your street is. Sammy ran out in front of a car tonight. I was picking parsley in the front yard for dinner and didn't close the door properly. Sammy came out, and I saw him come out but I didn't do anything about it. Our street is so quiet, and Sammy never goes anywhere anyway. But there is a dog across the road who happens to be his best friend, a GSD. And tonight he was in his front yard too. So Sammy ran across to see him. And the one car that came down our street tonight happened to come down at the same time and it also happened to be speeding. We live in a 50km area and they were going much faster than that. I didn't see it happen, once I knew what was going to happen I screamed and buried my face in my partner's back. I kept screaming until I heard Sammy screaming - I thought I had watch him die but he was still alive. And he ran to me, still screaming the whole time so loud. He was limping and bleeding and I thought for sure he would die then in my arms so I held him and tried to tell him it was ok and that I was going to help him. The car didn't even stop. But once I realised I was holding Sammy and he wasn't dead, my partner helped me pick him up and get him into the car to rush him to the vets. We got him there in 2 minutes - I didn't care if the police saw me I wouldn't have stopped.

    I called the vet on the way and when we got there they were great. I couldn't believe it, but upon inspection Sammy seemed to be remarkably lucky. He had terrible cuts to his back left leg, he couldn't bear weight on his front left leg, was in shock and obviously massive amounts of pain, but his vitals were good and they couldn't even find any broken bones. He might have a hairline fracture in his front leg, but you'd have to say he is damn lucky.

    He is still there now, they wouldn't let me stay with him but they needed to supervise him, x-ray his chest and staple up his wounds so he has to stay overnight and he is also on heavy pain medication.

    My partner has gone home now but I can't eat and sleep is out of the question. I can't believe I let something happen to what is one of the most important entities in my life. I guess I just wanted to remind everyone how quickly these things can happen, even if you only have 1 car on your street, it's not worth the risk because it only takes one and it can all be over in an instant.

    I miss him so much and I hope he's ok. I will never make this mistake again but I hate that I was such a bad owner that it took this happening for me to realise that I needed to step up.

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    Hope his okay!! {{{{hugs}}}}

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    OH MY GOD!!! I will be thinking of Sammy and hope with all my heart he is ok and gets over it real quick. Would have been an awful experience for him and you.

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    Oh hell. Please do not beat yourself up over this. Accidents can happen so very, very fast. Thank you for the warning. If you are a bad owner then so am I.
    I am SO glad he seems Ok so far.
    What a horrible, horrible situation for you both.

    (once, when my dogs who are contained in the back yard, the pen and inside got out. One started throwing up near the front door and I reflexively opened the screen door to get the throwing up dog outside. The others barrelled past me. I live in a rural area, sheep and cows nearby. Even though I went looking for them I could not find them and they finally came home 8 hours later.I could not see any blood on their coats or in their mouths.

    I now lock the screen door so it will stop me opening it in a similar situation. I was scared shitless that they would be shot for being in paddocks with stock. These things happen and we learn from them) Neither you or I are bad owners.

    Many hugs.
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    Oh 99, I cant imagine how your feeling tonight, I know how very important Sammy is to you Please dont feel responsible, accidents happen despite the very best of intentions.
    So glad he is ok though...will be thinking of you both
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    {{{{{{sammy}}}}}}........Hope he is fine. Things like that happen sometimes, it is really sad the driver did not stop and help. Good to her the vets were so helpful and so far it all sound good.

    Thank you for your is well heeded by me, as I lost a dog to a truck accident in 1990, I still will never forgive myself for leaving a gate open on our property and my beautiful josh, whilst chasing a bunny was hit by a truck. It is something i will live with forever......

    Cyber hug to you, I am crossing fingers and paws for everything going well
    Pets are forever

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    Don't beat yourself up over it. Sometimes accidents happen and there is nothing you can do to stop it. The main thing is that he is going to be okay. He is one very lucky pooch! As for the people that hit him, there is no way you can identify their car and pay them a visit if they are local?

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    I'm sorry this happened but am so happy the damage wasn't worse.

    My old dog Luna got run over by a car (literally - drove over her legs) when I called her when she was on the back of a pick-up parked on the nature strip and she jumped off the wrong side. Similar outcome. I could see the bone of one of her legs. She fully recovered, no lasting damage. It did result in a bad fear of vets, but a very healthy respect for cars.

    Hope you can take him home soon and that he will feel all better soon.
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    Oh I'm so sorry for you 99, hope Sammy makes a quick recovery and lucky you were able to get straight to the vet with him. Hope he's home soon and you can give him lots of love and hugs.

    How horrible that the driver didn't stop, that is unforgivable, but I won't waste my negative energy, will put all my positive energy into good vibes for Sammy and you and just try not to blame yourself, it was an accident.

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    all my well wishes for a fast recovery for Sammy.

    I'm guilty of letting my dogs walk up our quiet no exit st without their leads on, so your post has definitely given me a shake up.

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