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    I missed all this and was trying to find a hint of what happened. I saw the gorgeous pups and mention of drama but I couldn't find the right entry. I'm so glad she's getting better. The same thing happened to one of my dogs. Much smaller and easier to cope with, and I never knew what caused it. My vet said it seemed to be poison, but that's as much as she knew. She had her 24 hours and handed her back, totally paralysed and said, pointedly, she's totally paralysed... most people would... and I nodded. I looked into Moll's face and said, "She's not ready. I'll take her home". My vet shook her head.

    I took her home and took her to bed, and massaged her legs for about 20 hours. Fell asleep crying silently and massaging her feet. Woke up and thought she'd died, overnight, but she was just asleep. She could eat and swallow, but couldn't lift her head.

    About 2 days later, I thought I felt slight resistance to me massaging a front paw. Then I thought I felt slight, barely felt, resistance, in a 2nd. I was mad with fear I was imagining it, because I wanted it so badly. I must have wept buckets and was constantly wondering if I was doing the right thing. But always, I was watching her eyes. As long as they showed interest and outgoing passion, I wasn't going to give up. She did not appear to be in pain, just without control of anything - except my possible fantasy of a slightpull back, when I rubbed her front toes. I was getting a very slight movement from 2 legs, but needed the 3rd, so worst case scenario, she could get to water. without me. It probably was another day before I got a tiny movement from a third paw and I was quite insane, wondering if I was imagining it. At 3 weeks, if I put Moll on the floor, her body would twist up and her legs would scrabble about, out of control.

    A week later and if I put her down, she would scrabble across the floor, like a spider that was half trodden on. The vet saw her then, and was astonished, as she thought I'd not come back, cos she'd died. 3 months later and I was bellowing at her to come back or I'd personally fing kill her. She definitely had damage to one side if her body. If she ran straight ahead, she had to adjust to get a correct line - but she was back and trying to run the place again. My whole fight for her, was based on what I read in her eyes.
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