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Thread: Mojo's going under today. :(

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    sean i thought this was a dog forum... not a horse forum...... look at the size of your pup!!!!

    what a handsome chap though.....(mojo, not you.............)
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    Wow, I thought things were squishy with a boxer on our bed (who sleeps diagonally) but Mojo must have taken up most of your bed

    Maybe talk it over at your training class, but I agree that maybe he just felt a bit weird or dizzy after coming home and with the anaesthetic in his system, etc.

    He is a stunning dog ...

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    What kind of dog is Mojo? he has good eyes, hope he is feeling better this morning!

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    Yeah you shoulda seen him, when Sean first put up his pup photos!! Isn't he a handsome looking pooch!!! I would hate to have pooper scooper duty for him!!! But I suppose that's what kids are for haha!!

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    Sorry I've missed this , have been busy for a few days .

    So glad he's home and he's doing ok. He looks quite chuffed at the extra attention really in the pics but then I also see what you mean with that head shot.Doesnt seem 'quite' like the Mojo we all know and love.
    As everyone already said,just let him settle for a few days and see how he goes. I would certainly be extra vigilant with your daughter around him though for the time being , certainly not trying to scare you or make you feel any crappier about the incident but just better safe than sorry at the moment

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    Good luck for Mojo Sean, but I'm sure everything will be fine now that he's out the other side of the op. Cuddles and snuggles are certainly in order on his return home. Rosie sends paws his way, and {{hugs}} from me too.

    ETA - have just read through the thread... you absolutely did the right thing in checking his behaviour the second it happened, recovering from an op or not. You are still 'boss dog' and have to teach him acceptable manners, which you did. You feel like sh!t cause you're a hooman... Mojo is doglet. He doesn't do the whole feeling sorry stuff that we do, and certainly doesn't understand it.

    Cut him a little slack for the effects of both the cr@p that would have been filling that lump, as well as the general... his personality will definitely have been affected. Just keep everthing steady and do what you do - it's worked before,a nd will again. Don't lose trust in yourself and what you have achieved over this.

    I'm actually a little intrigued by this, as I was re-reading one of the Boxer books I have, over lunch, and one of the mastiff traits the authors give to Boxers is their weird way of interracting with other - they apparently are 'barker/mouthers' with their playmates {Rosie never did this, she just used her paws and ar$e end to pin her opponents as soon as the 1st round bell rang!}, so I wonder if this is possibly a trait that is coming to the fore in Mojo? Certainly not looking to excuse his behaviour, just wondering if it's possible this was an 'excited' moment more than an agressive one?
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    He is so F'n beautiful, I'm jealous!

    I'm glad to hear he is healing well, & i agree with everybody else, blame the spastic moment on the meds!

    Hoping your wife is feeling a little better too!

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    Don't worry, Sammy is coming down from some pretty hard drugs at the moment too and his behaviour is totally off. I went to move my laptop off my lap so I could get up and go to him and Sammy cowered like I was going to hit him with it. I have never hit this dog in his life! I'm a bit worried that he thinks I somehow made him get hit by the car because I yelled out Sammy no and then the car hit him when he kept running - maybe he thinks I somehow engineered it to punish him for disobedience? I don't know but it breaks my heart to see my dog scared of me, I'm hoping that when the drugs wear off he goes back to normal too.

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    I am so glad all seems right medically wise. I also wouldn't trust him around kids anymore as he did this once before even before the surgery your wife said?

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    A big thanks to everyones caring words of encouragment !! Means alot to both of us......and yeah he is a big lovely pup. The vet nurse asked if i was thinking of breeding him to which i replied "There's enough puppies in the world without me adding to it"....i think she was quietly hoping i would say yes so she could have a little Mojo of her own..LOL.

    Today i've been at work all day (13 hours). And he's followed my wife around the house like a sheep. He's been licking the top of the bandage but the stitches are holding it in place well....must say i've never seen or heard of the bandages been stitched to a dog before but it's working a treat. He's basically just back to his usual self but a bit sookier than usual. I think it's a ploy to get more pigs ears during the day (they only last 5 minutes now and thier gone).

    The next 2 weeks are dedicated to his healing........then it's time to get this aggression issue sorted if it's still there and in the mean time i'm watching him very carefully around the kids. He dosnt seemed fazed at all by my daughter and i'm wondering if it's the protective and dedication to thier family traits that i read so much about in my research before i got him. Time will tell, but when he's healed i'll no doubt be starting a thread and asking for some advice from you guys as to how we go about things.
    Thanks again for the advice, concern and well wishes.
    Cheers guys

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