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Thread: Quick question - raw egg whites?

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    Nikki gets a raw egg every week, shell and all

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    Quote Originally Posted by newfsie View Post
    I suppose it depends on which articles you read.After a short search i can find for and against..............confusing

    For; "The white of the egg has been said to interfere with biotin assimilation, but nature knows best by making the egg yolk very rich in biotin. The egg in its entirety is a very balanced food and only supports health and should be taken in its entirety, yolk and white together."...They were talking about raw eggs
    Ahh yeah whoops I got it backwards, it causes biotin deficiency. I think it only applies if you are feeding mass amounts every day, the standard 1 or 2 eggs a week is fine.

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    Thank you all!

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    common sense, its protein, why cook it, dogs dont cook their food, that we cook for our dogs is a unecessary step in feeding.

    My dogs have always eaten raw eggs, no problems with this in 50 yrs of several raw egg eating dogs. And Bernie will eat free range eggs by stealing them if i dont get there fast.

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