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Thread: Rude prick *rant*

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    Pinkest; Thank you for your reply. The guy looks like a creep so I will keep my eye out when I pass the house. I don't live right next to him, I live a few minute drive away and it's hard to find out house so I don't think he'd know where I live but he could. Sadly no one else will walk with me, it's just her and I. Thank you for your suggestions, it's good to know who I can turn to if I feel I need to.

    Hyacinth; If I was to approach him, I'd only have myself and my dogs to go with because no one would go with me. I can defiantly contact the RSPCA. if I see him outside again, I could say something but part of me is thinking of just crossing the road instead. He could be a training opportunity but my concern is he'd try to physically hurt her.. He really seems like a creep.

    I just don't know wether I should talk to some one now or wait to see if he bothers me again.

    Thank you for the replies, it really appreciated.

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    Hi Tahlz - if you talk to someone now - you will know what your rights are if it happens again, and what action you need to take - from keeping a log and what specifically is a problem - legally which will help law enforcement if they are needed.

    Ideally though - you want to find a way of dealing with it without involving law enforcement if he knows where you live and you know where he lives. I had someone harrassing me at the local dog park. He made the mistake of screaming and yelling at me in front of a police officer (who was off duty also walking his dog) and then he screamed and yelled at the police officer. Anyway - I still see the creepy guy from time to time, but he leaves me alone now. I did make a record at the police station about him with identifying details (licence plate of his car, and his address) just in case. Then if crap really hits the fan, they've got a record - which is more credible to them than you saying "it's happened before" - ie you can make a report and leave it at that unless something else happens. And you will get some good advice on how to look after yourself. And some crap advice too (like don't go that way - hmm).

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    What a wanker!

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    I say we put a muzzle and a lead on him and walk him around so he can be made fun of! ok thats enuf dreaming of what Id like to do with stupid people. I really hope you never see him again and some thing unfortunate happens to his boy bits! lol Don't let him win , keep up the work your doing and as above stay safe. Give Serenity a hug for me.

    Xena's mum

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    I've only ever had kids do stupid things like that - like jump at my dog and say Woof! in her face or something. Mind you, if their parents see them do it and don't say anything, grrr!

    I would make a note in your diary and just be prepared in case he does it again and you want to report him.

    I did want to comment on your mention of being shocked at people walking right past your dog though. I don't think that is a big deal. There are many people who have no idea about dogs and might not even notice the muzzle and that is their good right, I reckon. People have a right to walk where they want without worrying about anyone else's dog. I know it must be annoying because you worry about your dog being reactive, but if you start the desensitising, those kind of situations will become the ideal practice opportunities.

    My dog used to jump up at any child that came close enough and sometimes scratch them in the face with her nails or even her teeth. Once I found a way to redirect her focus, I actually started looking forward to taking her to places with lots of kids so we could practice.

    I hope the rude pr!ck leaves you alone now and that you can fine-tune your training strategy with Serenity to make her more bomb-proof. Or should I say 'idiot proof'? It sounds like you have been doing some good work already. Good luck!

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    It's probably not going to help you with relatively peaceful walks, to up the stress level, by confronting him. It appears that he was endeavouring to seem like a BIG MAN, either to impress you, if you are female or to give a display of manliness, to claim higher level masculinity, ie if I owned the dog, I'd have controlled it, if you are male. One of the best ways you can make him avoid you, if female, is to give him a huge grin when you next see him and ask him if he knew his fly was open that day he crossed in front of you ? My dog gets little savaloys as treats for training... Lucky he was on lead and muzzled... and really laugh again. Everyone I meet at the dog park, is keeping an eye out for your trousers... You're famous... He can still be a ****, but now he'll be wondering if everyone is picturing his, if they have a dog in tow. Should deflate his chest.

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    Not a good idea, that would be only inviting unwanted attention and possible retaliation.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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