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Thread: What is Hooch?

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    LOL..The colour, of course, basenji..thought i saw Mastiff LOL.

    Do the DNA company get to see a picture of the dog, or is it just the spec?
    Pets are forever

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    lol Pinkest.. I would never have picked Rottie and I have never heard of a Basenji before, I had to google it.
    Shame on me but when I saw Bullmastiff I thought it was like Pitbull and got all worried that we will have restrictions on him. However when I saw the bullmastiff photo I quickly googled and realised they are a completely different breed.
    I keep looking at him all day thinking you sooo dont look like a Rottie and a Basenji is pretty alien to me. Who is he?? LOL
    I have to say though I think he picked the cutest and best traits of each of the breeds. He is divine this dog!!

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    Newfie - no picture at all. They just ask for age and weight. Thats it.

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    bunny-girl, you're so right, he is the perfect combination of everything. Now you have his dna, can you clone him? LOL!

    {{{{{{{{Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!}}}}}}

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    LOL if you are in Perth we can have a playdate when Hooch finally learns what "come" means

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    I sooo wanna get my dog done now!! lol

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    Do it do it.. and let us know what you get. It takes 2-3 excruciating weeks to get the results so the sooner you do it the sooner you will find out. They do guarantee their results and I got a certificate with the report. It is so much fun and $90 is not too bad. Happy to email you my results if you want.

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    Iv always just thought 25% golden and 75% lab but looking at her closely her ears and profile look nothing like either lol
    So will probably do it when I have some spare money!

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    I'm gonna do it ...

    When I got Ruby the girl who owned her said both parents were boxers, dad was pure and mum was 95% boxer 5% staffy, but she's starting to resemble a giraffe, her legs are really loooooong - she definitely has the boxer mannerisms and look, but her snout is longer - but I've been a bit intrigued since I got her what she's crossed with ...

    I'll get onto it and let you know ... thanks again.

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    Oooo cant wait!

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