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Thread: Wish us Luck - We have our first real agility class on Sunday

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    Default Wish us Luck - We have our first real agility class on Sunday

    So ever since I started realising Phi's true potential and athleticism I have really wanted to get her into some sports. Agility is definitely one on the top of the list (although I would love to do Dock Diving but no one does it here in Aus , I also like weight pull and lure coursing and have done a little of both with her but I work more than 60 hours a week so finding time for everything is hard!). So we have completed a bunch of courses centered around getting her to work with me off leash, recalls etc and we have done a very basic Agility course which we did well at as well. So I finally decided to get her into a proper agility training with a club with the hopes that if we do well and she enjoys it (I know she will, she loves working and she loves climbing and jumping and running) that we will eventually compete in competitions.

    We have our first class on Sunday afternoon, I know Phi will do well. My biggest worry is how well controlled other people's dogs are. My friend went to (a different) agility club and she said the dogs had very little recall and would constantly be coming up to her and her dog. Although Phi is well socialised and is usually fine with most dogs, she doesn't like other dogs encroaching in her space/hassling her when she is working and she does get snarky if they come up to her. SO that will be the biggest issue. I have heard good things about this club though, so I am hoping they have a strict dogs on leash rule when they are not working. I will also take her soft crate to put her in between sessions so other dogs can't just wander up to her.

    Anyways I am excited, hopefully all will go well, wish us luck

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    I think the crate is a great idea. It will be her own space so if strange dogs run up she feels less exposed and more secure.

    Have fun!!

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    Hey K&P there is dock jumping in Sydney now and it might progress to other can always be the first. I am thinking of starting her at Lake Hume

    We ask people to have their dogs on lead, unless they are doing agility. this way there is only one dogs possibly out of control..usually not that big a problem.

    Also it might help to let the person who takes the classes know of your concern...i used to have the same with Annabelle, I used to tell everyone she was under control, but did not suffer over the top dogs.

    Most people are really good when they realise that.

    Enjoy, have a is just such fun for the dogs
    Pets are forever

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    Good luck keira and enjoy yourself
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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    Good Luck K&P I'm sure she will do well!

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    Thanks all.

    I would love to start a Dock Diving club up here Newf but just don't have the funds to start it up myself currently. I have been thinking about it but definitely not going to be a possibility for a few years yet. There is a lady who does it out near Ipswich I think just using a dock and dam on her property for practice (I think they are related to the one in Sydney) but it clashes with other stuff so I can't go and I think it is finished for winter now.

    That is a good idea Newfs, I will probably do that when we get there.

    Oh Crested I am sure she will do well, me on the other hand, I am the least athletic of the two of us haha.

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    we have more problems at our agility club with dogs leaving work to run up to other dogs, people, and possums, and not always that friendly about it.

    It doesn't take very long to work out who these dogs are. Most of them just go sniff, which is a frustration or stress thing ie they have no idea what the boss wants them to do or why the boss is upset that they're not doing it... Although I think in Frosty's case - she just likes tracking possums. Cos she will do that when I don't ask her to do anything.

    And so that's the trick with us, is to make sure she's focussed on me for the whole time we're working... and it helps if I stay focussed on her. And nothing like an instructor talking to you about what to do next - to distract you from your dog. If that happens - put your dog in a sit and massage her ears (or wherever her sweet spot is) while you listen to the instructor.

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    Good luck for tomorrow K&P, looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing photos

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    Awesome good luck

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    It went so well, I am stoked!
    Despite all my fears everything went smoothly.
    Was a good bunch of people, using positive reinforcement, no compulsion, physical punishment etc.
    All dogs were well contained and well behaved. Whenever dogs were not working they were crated, most dogs had excellent recall etc.
    And Phi did so well, kept her cool, really focused on me, came when called every time, I really need to stop underestimating her, she really has turned out to be a fabulous dog.
    She did so well, we practiced positional cues tonight which I haven't done previously and WOW I can't believe how well it worked for us even though we had never done it before. Our biggest problem is Phi is friggin Road Runner and I am a turtle lmao, she is SO FAST, I have trouble keeping up with her. I slipped over on the wet grass at one stage trying to move quick enough to work with her. Our only drama was she wasn't overly keen on the tunnel, which is unusual because she usually loves the tunnel but I think it is just because it has been 3 months since we have done any agility work and she had never used a tunnel on such an angle before, we did a bit of tunnel only practice at the end with lots of treats and she was doing better.

    Bummed that because of comps and pubic holidays the next class isn't until 20th May. Booo. HahA. Thanks for all the good luck

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