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Thread: Omg here we go again

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    Default Omg here we go again

    Ok 2012 is def not our year.
    My girl seemed to look like she stood up funny this morning.
    I came home this Argo bout1pm with some chicken for her
    And she can't get up.
    So we rushed her right down to our vet 2 hours there $250
    Later he says get her down to the ER
    We have been there all nightlong .
    Yes we have insurance to start off with
    Both my vet and this new vet at the ER thought she was lacking calcium
    As large breeds can when they have had puppies and they can get weak on
    Their legs and collapse .
    Anyway I gets my dog diary out and tells them she can't lack calcium cause
    I give her calcium liquid every second night.
    New vet says could be one of 3 things.
    Calcium. . Snake bite .. Tick
    Anyway the worst case she said the bill will be $6000
    We have just recently paid 3 car regos $800 electricity bill
    And water and rates notice.
    The vet said what we can do is get pet finance then make the claim through
    Our insurance and pay out the pe loan..
    Both me & the husband were furious.
    After calming down we decided its our only option.
    Then vet vet comes in and says we have to have $2500 deposit right now .
    Anyway in the end we didn't have this so w put our girl in the car as they said
    Unless we wanted to put her down our only option was to take her home..
    The husband went back into the stand said if we give u $600 now can we deal with the rest
    Later.. Anyway they said yes all good.
    She does the calcium test and it was negative she does the venom test $450 came back negative
    And the vet says the snake bite has to of been done within 24hours to get a positive..
    Our cattle dog had a tick one time and this was exact same symptoms but anyway she says
    Sea pretty sure it's not a tick..
    So so far my dog is at the vet over night and still paralyzed ...I haven't stopped crying with all this
    Bad luck it has to end soon.

    I can't help thinking that if my girl dies how cut I would be..
    The vet will call me if anything changes. On the form the husband signed
    It says once over night stay n obs $2000 most likely .

    So yeah this is my life right now guys.
    All I can say is thank goodness the puppies have started to eat on their own.
    How much shit would I be in.?

    If anyone knows or thinks what it could be please let me know...
    Basically she's had no water all day as she's been paralyzed and lucky
    She was under the tree in the shade.
    Vet said maybe a snake went for the pups n she attacked it to protect her
    Bubs.. Makes sense.
    Maybe but we totally doubt it was a snake and the vet can't find a bite or a tick
    Oh goodness me what am I going to
    Do with myself.
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    {{{{{{{Lucky Lady}}}}}} I am so sorry you are doing it so very very tough.

    Sounds like snakebite, I was hopeful for early calcium (tetany) but the test negated that, so sorry, wish i could help from afar

    I can tell you that the Private Insurance are slow.So far nothing has arrived here. Are you able to take one of those interest free loans they have at our vet, like the Harvey Norman one.

    I cannot believe $2000 for an overnight stay, that was $200.00 in the critical care for katy in Melbourne.....And we had all those tests done and only made it to $900.00, lots and lots of blood tests, faecal test and urine test.

    I just wish I could help. big Cyber hug is all I can do........
    Pets are forever

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    Lucky Lady - do you want to change your nick name?

    At least there is some hope for your dog - that you found her and got her help in time.

    Ticks can be very hard to find. Especially on a dog with lots of skin folds. But they also get inside lips, ears, around the butt, between toes etc. Or just somewhere obvious like the tummy, arm pits etc. Same deal with snake bite - if she was bitten on the tongue it would be hard to find.

    And it could be some sort of injury, that has caused a problem with her back. Although you think that would be relatively easy to check by feel...

    My credit card company keeps offering me more and more money. That I don't want - but surely that's got to be cheaper than "Pet finance". Sigh - you want to pay that off as a soon as possible with a normal bank loan.

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    Yeah I think her name has put a hex on her
    Pets are forever

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    Oh LL, you must be feeling so stressed ... Sending you a big cyber hug and thinking positive thoughts for you ... ... hope you can get some rest tonight ...

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    How are you doing with the pups? I can't remember how old they are now.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Oh Lucky lady...Is it still ok to call you that?

    As Hyacinth said, so glad you found her in time. Cant help with advice but sending you a hug, im sure you need a lot of that right now.
    Chin up, stay strong and sending you luck that she will be fine
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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    Oh my LL, this is a trial and then some for you. Sending my best wishes.
    bernie, pohm and shelle

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    Thinking of you LL, I hope your lovely lady gets better very very soon

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Have both fingers and toes crossed.

    I'm certainly not the one to even guess what is wrong with your beloved pooch but shame on the vet for putting such pressure (re money) on you and your husband at such a stressful time. I know some people will say they are running a business but it would seem compassion may have been sadly lacking on the night.

    Looking forward to hearing great news on furry friend real soon.

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