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Thread: Omg here we go again

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    Glad your girl (who by the way is even beautiful when unwell and locked up at the vets!) is improving.

    I think the whole vet thing - good vet/bad vet is a nightmare for most pet owners. We all have our favourites and word of mouth definitely gets out about bad vets. I don't live near Springwood but should I move I know where I won't be going!

    As mentioned I work in wildlife care and have been in the back of many vets in my area (and there would be close to 40 vets). I have only two I am prepared to take my dogs, cat, lizard and wildlife to. Not only are the wildlife kept in appalling conditions, many are in a great deal of pain and have not seen a vet. I know they don't get paid to care/tend to these animals but, in my opinion, if they can't show some care and consideration to animals they are not making money from then they are not worthy of treating my pets. Some vets just have no idea about wildlife or things outside of ticks and fleas.

    I know they are running a business. But let me tell you (and many of you would know this anyway) the mark up on medication and food is astronomical. I believe they can, at times, (like in the middle of the night) make allowances for owners with sick pets. In my area you are charged $100 to have a pet euthanised. The cost of the "green dream" is negligable - $2.00. Big profit at the expense of a distressed owner. And this cost does not cover disposal of body.

    My own vet is a gem. He is a lone vet in a small practice and I trust him 110%. He is such a remarkable man that the week my son was diagnosed with a brain tumour, my husband also ended up in hospital , I also smashed the new car on the way to the hospital then my little KCC dislocated her hip (true story - worse week of my life). He did not charge me a cent. How lucky am I! I will never forget his kindness at one of the most distressing times of my life. If only there were more of him ............. and if only he looked like Chris Brown!!

    Lady Luck - good on you for telling them a deposit has been paid and they can now wait for the insurance. You go girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Lady View Post
    Last night there was a lady crying in the vet. they couldn't afford the fees
    so they had to PTS..
    I asked the vet is this an on going thing here or what..
    She snobbed it off....

    Seems suss to me..
    OMG....not sure how I would react.....That is so sad. how do they sleep..

    I know that some vets have a welfare policy and ask for donations toward this. it is for dogs whose owners cannot afford the costs...And the vets do the treatment at cost. I actually donated to it in Melbourne when i was there with Katy.

    Seems amazing really....When we had Tobias the rescue newfie who was extremely unwell, we never even got one vet fee charged......Not even for his PTS. That was another vet in Albury. Looks like Albury is lucky, with caring vets
    Pets are forever

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    ratbag that is an incredible story..sounds like my life this year..
    seriously this year is CRAP
    I have 5 children with my husband and I have never in 19 years ever had to work.
    I need to get a job fast as possible, seriously.
    My husband is very old fashion and believes a wife shouldnt need to work, the husband
    should earn enough to provide..Which myhusband is a VERY high money earner.
    which is not at all healpful as the more money you earn the more bills you have...
    Believe me it's possible.
    We get no benifits from the government as we are in the higher wage earner bracket..
    God dam sucks really..Every cent we earn goes into our kids or property/house.
    We are not savers at all, we are all for spending on what we have to make it better incase we are
    not here one day, the kids will be ok..

    When a vet tells you to take your dog home to die that is just hitting rock bottom, seriously how
    could they..?
    I feel sick to my stomach when I think of what she said to me..My brother called me while I was
    there to apologize for not being able to help out with funds..I had to hang up cause I thought I was
    going to be sick..I was so sick with anger and sadness it sickened me.
    My girl was in the back of our car ready to go back home while y husband was ringing around trying to get
    In the meantime my daughter was in the car with the dog screaming cause she didn't want the dog to die..

    Seriously what the hell is happen to this world...

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    Oh seriously LL I reckon I would have been physically sick if I went through what you did last night ... and how traumatised must the other people have been to have to have their pet PTS...

    What a horrible night and after all you've been through, not to mention 5 children (I don't have any kids and still can't cope if/when dog gets sick and needs urgent treatment) ... you are very strong to have got through all this ... they say these things happen for a reason ... don't know if it's true but you certainly sound like you have survived Mount Everest and it's only April.

    I hope your girl keeps improving and you can put all this behind you and get on with all the good things in life ... Love the photos of her, she's beautiful.

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    Lady luck - give your dog a big get well kiss from me when you next see her and tell her I said she is a very lucky girl to have such a caring, wonderful and committed owner. If love is enough your dog will live to 100. Do not under estimate your own strength to get yourself and your family through this nightmare. Do what I do - have the nervous breakdown in 6 months time!

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    thankyou everyone seriously..
    I just called up to see how she is and she is fine..
    She is weeing on her own and she is starting to eat from them which is great..
    She still hasn't pooped yet which concerns me, but does not concern them..
    They are applying hot n cold packs on her boobs . They said because she is not up
    and getting around she could get mastitis so they need to do the hot n cold packs.
    Pretty scary . This vet in general is the best facility there is but the cost and there
    attitudes just gets me.
    I am not religious at all but if there is a god please help me or give me something good.
    Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket, wouldn't that blow everyone away if I won ?

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    Sean - What breed was scooby? So sorry for your loss, its really hard to go through that.

    Lucky - How sad you had to witness that, I just find it terribly sad.
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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    Sorry for seemingly dumb question......but what exactly is Pet Finance?

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    ChoppaChop Basically it's just like a normal loan with VERY high
    interest... Called a Pet Loan.

    Thing is if we need say $5000 it wont be $5000 to pay it out
    it'll be plus interest plus a fee to pay it out early..

    If I can help it I will not be getting this dam pet loan, I''ll be
    demanding to come back with a cheque from my insurance..

    Called up and she is still the same doing good but still can't get up..
    Will update you guys later, I have a 10 year old birthday party to do
    in 1 hour and a sleep over with 10 girls..The husband will be going to stay with
    my baby girl today...

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    LL, I am so sorry for all that you have been through. I went through a similar period a few years back where every single thing in my life turned to absolute shit. I had no idea that so much could go so wrong, so quick. It was hell, and I honestly feel for you, and your family.

    But, I am so glad that she is doing better and is on the improve. In times like these, there is nothing you can do, but focus on the small mercies.

    It's like anything, I guess. There are good vets, and there are rogues. In an emergency, sometimes you have little choice. Clearly they have businesses to run, which is fine. We all need money. They also have to have very difficult conversations with some owners, which is the nature of the industry. I understand that they cannot fund the costs for every person who has no money (or claims to have no money). HOWEVER - they certainly could have some DAMNED compassion.

    I absolutely cannot believe the attitude of you vet, and I would be making a huge complaint. Huge. I know that now is not the time for you to be thinking about that, but if you can prevent something like this from happening to someone else's pet, then it is worth it. What a nightmare.

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