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Thread: 16 month german shepherd.

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    Default 16 month german shepherd.

    hey guys and girls, im new to this forum so my first post!!

    i just rescused a 16 month old pure german shepherd with papers, awesome dog i have only waited 20 years to own one!!! he loves my kids great in the house, awesome on walks and listens great!!
    my question is about food, the previous owners told me they had him on just coles dry food and coles tined food, i cant remember how long he had been on this and when they took him off puppy food, now i have read alot on forums around the place and alot of people keep there german shepherds on puppy food untill 24 months? i also asked at the local pet store and they told me it wouldnt be a bad thing to put him back on puppy food, so i went with advance large puppy, i have not weighed him but he looks as though he has filled out abit, since i have had him, i am also walking him atleast once a day!
    so i guess what i am after is, i know how the cheaper brand foods are no good and because he has been fed on then for a while, (like i said i dont know how long) what should i be doing? should i keep him on the puppy which i am also adding chicken mince to go with it, or move him onto something like the eukanuba german shepherd mix??

    any help would be great cheers.

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    Welcome to the forum Randy!! Congratulations on your new addition to the family!! Regarding dog food, it's a personal choice. My pooch Oskar is on Science Hill diet, and it makes his poos firm and smaller, and he enjoys eating it...It's a trial and error thing really.

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    thank you for the welcome.

    i was asking more about times frames on which owners take there puppy off puupy food, as it helps with bone growth and other things. but because he has already been taken off it by his last owners will puppy food now do him any good? should i just keep him on a pemium adult food?

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    Still on puppy food at 24 months, that definitely doesn't sound right. It's usually around 12 months and larger breeds shouldn't be on regular puppy food anyway, they need a lower protein food while they are growing and regular puppy food tends to be way too high.

    At 16 months I would switch him to just a regular adult food. Brands are completely a personal choice as Oskars mum said, but I personally feed Supercoat dry and raw mince (lamb or chicken).

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    Hi Randy

    If you want to change your dog's food, it's best to do it over several meals - ie change 1/4 of the food from old to new each time so it's like meal 1 - 1/4 new food + 3/4 old food, meal 2 - half and half, meal 3: 3/4 new food + 1/4 old food, meal 4 - all the new food.

    There is lots of different kinds of food available for your dog. You can make your own up based on "BARF" and Raw food - ie raw meat and vegies. You can get expensive import food like Artemis. Or you can get something between that and the supermarket no name brands. Actually the supermarket stuff can sometimes be better than the cheaper branded stuff.

    I have been feeding my dog Nutro Natural Choice Chicken and Rice - and recently swapped to Black Hawk Holistic Lamb and Rice (from Victoria). I might be swapping back - as the Nutro made by Mars (yes of mars bars fame) who also make Advance and Royal Canin and Pedigree. Some of the other brands are made/owend by Nestles and I avoid Nestles where possible for ethical reasons - not that I have a clue if Mars are any better - ethically.

    So my dog got the runs on Advance but she was fine on Nutro. She also likes supercoat (nestles) and good-os (mars)

    This is what Choice said. They also said there is no evidence either way to suggest premium is better for your dog or not - but they also said there is no independent research either. So evidence just means no research - ie we don't know for sure.
    "Premium brands are more likely to claim they use ' real muscle meat', fish or poultry as their main ingredient.
    Some supermarket brands use less muscle meat and make up the balance with meat by-products like organs, blood and bones, which are equally good nutritionally.
    A higher proportion of muscle meat and other expensive ingredients can lead to a reduction in faecal volume as the food is more easily digested. Look for 'real meat'."
    Choice also said - not to feed mince only and to avoid "pet mince" because it has a lot of sulphur dioxide. And this is their recipe for home made dog food.

    Below is a home-made diet for your pet, formulated by Professor David Fraser of Sydney University, which provides tasty and balanced nutrition for healthy adult dogs.

    You can make it in the amounts shown here and refrigerate or freeze a few day's worth, depending on your pet's requirements. It would also be useful to supplement your pets diet with raw bones for teeth health.

    Adult dog
    550 g boiled potato
    350 g lean meat (lightly stewed)
    80 g cooked human-grade sheep or beef liver*
    20 g corn oil
    20 g bone meal**
    5 g table salt

    Mix all the ingredients together and feed it to your pet once a day.

    Amount to feed each day according to body weight:
    Dog weight Food
    5 kg / 270 g
    10 kg / 460 g
    15kg / 620 g
    20 kg / 770 g
    25 kg / 900 g
    30 kg / 1000 g
    From personal experience - vets don't seem to have much idea about pet nutrition - they know your pet won't die if you feed it the stuff they sell - but they don't know what you should feed if you want to make it yourself. I had an arguement with a vet nurse about what to feed my puppy when she had an upset stomach. Vet nurse was suggesting canned "chicken and rice" was better than home made chicken and rice and could make no recommendation on how much to feed. The canned stuff had a lot of tummy upsetting ingredients in it - like wheat and corn products - so I wasn't very happy with vet nurse and it was the first time she'd ever read the ingredient list on the can.

    There are a couple of websites out there that give you an idea of how to read and interpret the ingredient list on the dog food packs and tins.
    The Dog Food Project - How does your Dog Food Brand compare?
    Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble

    Note - both of the above have ingredient lists for American made stuff, and the same stuff made under licence in Australia (eg the Nutro or Royal Canin etc) have different ingredients here, eg wheat meal is easier to get here than corn meal - neither is all that good for your dog ie you don't want to see stuff like that first in the ingredient list.
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    welcome to the forum. Both of my dogs were off puppy food at 12 months of age. I don't see it necessary to be on it any longer. I think adult food and chicken mince would be fine for him.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    How long on puppy food - might be best to ask some GSD breeders - you can find them through your local GSD club.

    Like this one ACT GSD Assn Front Page

    Or one of these.
    ACT GSD Assn Links to GSD clubs around Australia

    But I kept my dog on it for about 12 months - which a few people said was about 6 months too long. 12 months was about when she levelled off growing. Most bigger dogs - are done growing by about 18 months.

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    Nowadays the Breeders of large breeds, actually tell their new puppy owners to go straight on to a quality adult food.

    I personally feed large dogs with large barrel chests twice a day, because of my neurosis with bloat (can happen in large breeds)

    As to the will depend on where it comes from. From the right place that does not add anything it is a good thing to buy.

    You have to do your home-work and really look into what works best for you and your dog. there are many cooked dog food recipes........But the best thing for you might be to join a GSD Club. There are so many of those around the country. And there GSD familiar people could help you. They might be able to help you with diet too. My Parents Bred GSD's , so they are one of my fav breeds, love them........

    I feed RAW, so i am not much help with Dry food. But I would choose one with minimum artificial colouring, preservatives and wheat/corn fillers.

    When i do feed dry, when I am traveling, I feed Black Hawk (google it). I also now use it as treats in my classes, to always have some on me in my pockets for other dogs, when we are training. And all the dogs love it, especially when it has been sitting in with our liver treats.

    But there are quite a few good quality dry dog foods.

    Good for you for getting a Rescue
    Pets are forever

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    Did you get the dog directly from its previous owners? Thats cute that you called it a rescue LOL

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    Royal Canin make a German Shepherd dry food or you can just go the Maxi (Large breed) Adult. Your dog does not need to stay on puppy food at that age at all.

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