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Thread: 16 month german shepherd.

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    I've probably got not much new to add. I agree with the others that your dog doesn't need puppy food.

    As a large breed, yes they grow over several years. But the nutrition levels in adult food are adequate for growth, and more suited to the longer slower growth period that large / giant breeds have.

    Mine are a large/giant breed and our pups have puppy food until about 4-6 months old, with raw mince that includes bone material. They will continue to grow until they are about 4 years old. All this longer growth period means is that they may be eating slightly more than an adult, spread over two meals. But they won't be eating food with different concentrations of nutrients.

    Just like a human teenager will eat more than an adult, but the same sort of foods.

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    I have a 3yr old GSD. We changed from puppy food to adult food at 12 months. As Hyacynth suggested, we swapped over food, by gradually mixing/transferring over 1 week.

    Eukanuba GSD mix. do you have a second mortgage to afford this?

    Food is personal choice based budget allowances at the time. There have been times when ive been so skint that Bernie has eaten Woof Mix from Big W, he didnt complain, didnt suffer and that way we could all eat, not just the dog.

    Bernie is in excellent condition, on the cheapo stuff, with daily addition: egg, leftovers, half a marrow bone. Weekly addition of sardines or other oily fish.

    Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the wonderful world of GSD ownership, they are awesome dogs! Bernie is our 2nd GSD, and is devoted to us all. So clever he makes our rottie's brain appear like a plank of wood in comparison!

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