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Thread: My Mum and My Dog Attacked

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    OMG What an idiot dog owner that lady is!!!!! I am glad your mum and Flirtt are recovering well!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lala View Post
    I dont think its not responsible to let go of the lead necessarily, and personally, if I cant avoid the confrontation and the other dog attacks, I immediately release the lead so my dog has the best manouverability it can to defend itself (unless its pippi who wouldnt even be able to protect herself against a cat attack coz shes such a midget).

    I think V&Fs mum is a brave lady though to put herself in the middle and try and protect Flirtt, and I absolutely commend her.
    If you can't lift your dog up - or the offending dog is human aggressive as well, it might just be your best option. When Sammy was a 9 week old puppy and he was attacked by that bully breed dog/tank, I lifted him up by the collar onto my shoulder - lucky I'm tall and more importantly, the dog had no interest in me. I will never forget the way Sammy screamed though. These days though, if I can't deter the dog I release Sammy so that he can try defend both of us. This happened once with another bully breed dog who charged us, I just let Sammy go and he pulled some crazy evasive moves whilst both myself and the other owner tried to grab his mental dog, who conveniently had not even a collar on. Fortunately Sammy had no long-lasting injuries - the vet told us that because he has a long snout, his eyes can retract into his skull (try pushing on your dogs eyes if he has a long snout lol it's pretty cool) and so his eyesight was saved.

    Very scary experience especially in the dark, I hope your mother and your dog are ok. It seems crazy though that there are no further consequences for this woman - her dog bit somebody off her property in an unprovoked attack!

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    Gawd how awful Sending healing vibes your way.

    If it were me I would be doing everything in my power to get the dog taken away. I know the odds are it would be PTS but what if it was a child next time? It seems this woman won't be doing anything about it herself.
    At the very least make sure the council pick the dog up next time it is off-leash or even muzzle it and take it to the pound yourself. A release fee might give her a kick in the pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Villain & Flirtt View Post
    Having made reference to this in a thread elsewhere, I thought I'd best tell the full story- I'm quite sure there may be something to learn from it.

    Last Sunday evening my mother and I went out walking with V&F. As happens quite frequently now, as we wander and chat and 'catch up', each will handle one dog. On this night, I had Villi, mum had Flirtt. We'd been out walking for a couple of hours, the night was lovely, the dogs were calm and happy and it had been one of the nicest walks for quite a long time.

    On my own street, 3 houses from mine, an off leash Kelpie (it lives across the road and three doors up, so effectively this happened outside its own house) appeared from nowhere (it was dark), ran directly at Mum and Flirtt and simply latched on to Flirtt. There was no growling, no barking, no bouncing or backward/ forward movement. Just a swift, silent, focussed assault.

    Mum, on seeing the dog coming, moved in front of Flirtt and tried to shove her back behind a parked car for protection. We had been walking down the middle of the street as it is the best lit path in the dark and because it gives better view of what's coming. Despite trying to block, the kelpie latched on to Flirtt's face.

    At the time, all I could do was hold Villain back and watch my mum fight this dog off with her legs and the handle end of the leash (I use police leashes, so have heavy brass hardware on each end). I yelled to mum to let go and step back, but she refused on the basis that it would put more people and dogs at risk.

    Eventually, under mums onslaught, and by that time Flirtt was also fighting back, the kelpie let go and ran into its house yard.

    Mum copped puncture wounds to her hand, bruising to hand, arm, body and Flirtt has facial punctures. Both Mum and Flirtt received medical treatment. I did not get to bed at all that night (6 hours in emergency alone).

    The frustrating part is that I have asked the owner of this dog repeatedly to put her dog on leash. It enters my property and rushes the fence at my house behind which my dogs are contained. It has jumped on my mother's car to get at her little old dog sitting in the car. I've seen the woman struggling to walk the dog on lead, and doing 'yank and crank' with a halti.

    I've been polite ('Look, it would be great if you could put a leash on your dog'- first time) through to rude ('Are you a frigging moron? Put your damned dog on a leash'- 5th time) to no avail. This is the woman who has petitioned my neighbors to remove my dangerous dogs from the neighborhood, because they are Dobes.

    So, she now has a declared 'menacing' dog and has to have it leashed and muzzled at all times in public. Some fines, too, I believe. She has stated to council that 'she hasn't had a dog before and it's a steep learning curve'.... I ask why she never set foot on my doorstep (everyone round here knows I'm a trainer) to ask for help.

    But now I have a previously dog reactive dog who needs significant desensitisation to get her back to where we were after 18 months if time and money spent. We will start now at square 'minus 10'. My male dog will also require some desensitisation work.

    We can no longer walk the streets of our town freely for fear of encountering an off leash or unconfined dog. Our freedom has been considerably decreased by one stupid person too many. Every single day now is the stress of 'where can I take my dogs that I know I will be able to control the external environment around them?'. The answer is, of course, nowhere off my own property.

    The incident was 200% preventable, yet as it was happening I could do nothing to help my mum and my dog and save them the trauma. That is a mental image I will have forever, whilst the owner of the kelpie 'saw nothing'.

    My fury at people who refuse to leash or control their dogs properly is at boiling point.
    Yes, dog owners like your neighbour shit me to tears. Responsible dog ownership is not hard; all you have to do is contain your dog and ensure that you and your dog don't annoy anyone else. My pit bull has been attacked and quite nastily damaged by an American Staffordshire Terrier ( a very similar dog breed if you know the history of the APBT and the AST); I have never allowed my pit bull to damage another dog. I did have to drag the AST off my dog as the owner was a useless woose bag who had no control over their dog. My dog was the one left bleeding, yet my dog is a "fighting breed dog" ROTFLMAO! Hobbes was never a fighting dog, he is just a big woose and he never deserved to have his left ear almost severed from his head. 4 years later, he is still not good around AmStaffs or pit bulls and I can understand that.

    Thing is, any responsible dog owner would ensure that their dog was not a problem.

    Meat heads like your neighbour give all us dog owners a bad reputation.


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