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Thread: Dog rolling in something while out walking

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    I think sometimes it can be some bird poo or similar that they can smell, but we can't.

    My old dog was a shocker for rolling in gross things. Rotting roo carcasses was pretty bad, but I agree that the rotting carp is the worst smell. Great if you then have to take the dog back in the car. That's why I now always keep a bottle of dog shampoo in the car!

    I had to wash Banjo at a friend's place a few months ago because she got rotting eggs out of the compost and then rolled in them. Actually, that was probably worse than carp!

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    That's Molly's signature move. Sniff, drop & roll and it's one of two things - duck poo or dead cane toad. Argh

    I can tell when she's about to roll too, it's a sniff, 2-4 second pause then she falls to her side, drives me mad. She has excellent re-call, never have trouble with our walks but i can never get her to stop just before she rolls! Dogs will be dogs.

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    Dogs love perfume too. We go to chemist, they go to dead corpse of anything or its scat!

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    If you can't see anything, it's probably where a rabbit or fox peed and THAT sort of smell is high status perfume for dogs... Waltzing around town, with the smell of rabbit pee or fox pee... Every suburban dog smelling enviously... Who knows if your dog tells tall stories about near misses or whether he/she just grins in happiness and says, "I found it. I went for a country walk and it was there!!! A gift!!!"

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