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  • Fetch

    5 31.25%
  • Tug O' War

    5 31.25%
  • Food :P

    2 12.50%
  • Cuddles

    1 6.25%
  • Walks

    3 18.75%
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Thread: Dog Entertainment!

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    I ticked 'fetch' as our Nero is quite ball obsessed. He even ignores roos, rabbits or other dogs when I hold a ball in my hand. So we don't leave him a particular toy when we're out. He always has something to chew - mostly rawhide bones.

    Kongs, puzzles etc. don't capture his attention very long but he likes squeaky toys. His absolute favourite is (so simple) a squeaking ball... I mean a BALL that SQUEAKS... WOHOO!! How good can it get?!!

    If possible I take him for a long walk in the morning. When I don't have enough time I make sure to take the ball and let him chase it until his tongue hits the ground... then he sleeps most of the day cuddled up on our bed and stays out of trouble
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    Sammy loves either hug time or anything involving his prey drive. That said he's no retriever so fetch is not much fun... Tug games are about his favourite thing in the whole world. He's crazy about his walks too though - especially if it's an adventure rather than a walk.
    Trying to include my other dog. I'm not really sure what she likes. She kind of chases a ball but loses interest often along the way. She loves food? She doesn't seem to enjoy walks. But she does like the car. If you open a car door around her, she will get in and good luck getting her out...

    PS Mojo was a ridiculously cute puppy - that amount of cuteness is dangerous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by newfsie View Post
    Have you thought of flyball?
    I don't know if or where it is on here in Tassie, if we do have it he would love it, I'll have to look into it for sure. His recall is only average but I honestly haven't put that much work into it, only enough so that he comes when called at the park.

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    Nikki loves food!!
    Next best thing to being with me.
    I put food in a treat ball for her and in her dirt pit. I also bury her favourite toys for her to dig up

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    LOL.....How could I forget the sandpit
    Pets are forever

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    My dogs move their living quarters around the property. so beds are for some reason strewed all over the place on my return, as bernie moves his blankey into the sun.
    They have frozen stock in coke bottles as the only kong that works for bernie. the expensive puzzle kongs last 10 mins before they are empty, a frozen stock bottle lasts hours.
    Then they have bones hidden in trees to find, they are always found when i get back. So i know this works.
    bernie has a log that he rolls, as i see its moved on return
    Paddling pool, they play fight in this together
    Mainly they just sleep all day.
    There's next door JRT, that kisses Pohm through the fence, and other side, they have a pug to natter to.
    Then there is a never ending supply of bushwalkers to watch.
    On wednesdays, the bin man comes, so that's a good half hour trying to escape to check out that noisy truck!

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    We got Hooch a Bungee Chook... from City Farmers. It wasnt cheap ($120) but he loves it and could play with it forever. We attached it to our patio.
    He growls at it and jumps and bites and gets so excited.
    It is like this: Aussie Dog Bungee Chook but stronger and more heavy duty than the one on the website.

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    bunny-girl, might be a stupid question... but what are you meant ot hang form the hook? a live chook?
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    I love 2 things in this world. Spandex and reyzor... not necessarily in that order.

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    LOL noooo the bottom bit that you see in the picture is called a chook.. it comes with it. It is like really strong tough nylon/fabric that is double stitched with very tough thread for heavy biting. I do not do animal cruelty LOL!
    The bungee part is like a spring and the chook is just few colourful fabrics sewn together. We attach it/hang it on the patio and Hooch just goes for it big time.
    You hang it abit higher than his nose so he needs to jump and stretch and pull

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    Oskar loves bones, big marrow bones, keeps him busy!!

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