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Thread: Dealing with the end of life!

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    I will have to think about it twice the next time I am afraid.

    When I was 17, I got my first "own" (as in not my parents) dog. Her name was Chevy. She was with me when I got my first car. With my when I got my first flat. Used to come to parties with me. She lived in a car with me when I moved to another city, and when I was "homeless". She was there for the birth of my first (and only) baby. And, on her 12th birthday, after 3 months apart, she made it to our new home in Australia.

    Unfortunately, it was not to last and 3 weeks later I had her PTS. I was there as I like to hold my babies. She had cancer and she wasnt going to get any better. However, when they tried to put a needle in her leg, they couldnt and she started struggling despite the fact that for 4 days she had barely been able to move. She was squirming on the table and trying to get down and she was looking at me like "wtf is going on".

    I actually said to the vet "Maybe this is a sign and I should take her home" and he said "No, I think this is the right thing to do" and then it was done.

    However it was horrible. It wasnt a nice gentle passing like with my boy Lennox. It was extremely unpleasant and horrid.

    I know it was the right thing to do, but to be honest, I dont know if I can do it again. Sure, I can make the decision but being present will be another matter entirely for me. It was extremely traumatic.

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    Hey Lala, think of it this way...if you had not been there, she would have been even more terrified. Instead she was maybe a little cross, but most likely better off for you being there.

    I have a similar story with our Zacky..he was quite dehydrated, so his vein, in the back of a dark car with torch, was also difficult for the vet to find. But had we not been there he would have been more terrified. He was with us, in his car (his fav place)....So in my eyes we did the best for him, even if it was not perfect. He was with us.....And we were with him till the end.

    I know I still think of that time too, but I believe in these cases it is all about our pets, not us
    Pets are forever

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    Thats a good point but I just dont know.

    I am not good with the whole idea of just doesnt sit well with me at all (silly I know) and after that experience I am just not sure I could do it again.

    However, we will never do it at the vet again. Going forward it will always be a home visit.

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    I had to put down our lovely 12 year old rottweiler 2 years ago because she was dying of cancer. I was there by her side as we put her out of her pain and she look right into my eyes as she went.

    This was the hardest thing I have had to do in my life, but i was NOT going to let her die alone. No matter how hard it is fot you to do, its not about you and you owe it to your loyal loving dog to be there for them. Be strong for them.

    I know she is no longer in pain., rest in peace Chrissie.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albie View Post
    No matter how hard it is fot you to do, its not about you and you owe it to your loyal loving dog to be there for them
    I couldn't agree more. They are alone and no doubt afraid. Don't be selfish, stay by their side until the end

    We had our Samoyed (Indy - 11yrs 8mths) put down on Saturday due to cancer. He underwent a biopsy on Friday and were waiting for results early this week with aim of starting chemo. Sadly he took a turn for the worse on Saturday after the surgery so we had little choice but to end his suffering. It was the toughest decision I've ever had to make and I've never felt this horrible in all my life. But there was absolutely no way I was going to let him go on his own - he was like my son. I held him in my arms and talked to him, looked him in his eyes and told him I loved him and I cried... a lot

    Its only a few days on but I still shed tears when I think about him. I try remember the good/fun times we shared together - its not easy but it helps. Indy was a beautiful dog, not just in looks but in heart and personality. He was a very special part of my life and taught me the meaning of undying love, loyalty and friendship and for that I'm eternally grateful

    Indy you left your paw prints on my heart and I will cherish you forever. Rest in peace my boy

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    My pets are part of our family. I would never leave my husband and kids to die by themselves and the same goes for the dogs, cat, birds and blue tongue lizard. Heck I wouldn't even leave wildlife or a strangers pet to die alone if given the choice. Being with anyone or anything when it dies is not one of the more pleasant parts of our life but I believe it is one of the most important. I would assume no one really wants to be alone in their final minutes. Our pets are our responsibility right up to that final moment. Any decision you make is one you have to live with. If you can sleep at night without that bothering you - good for you but I couldn't.

    My pets give me so much joy I feel I owe them big time - that means everyday not just on their last day. But especially on their last day and when they take their last breath. I work in wildlife rescue and there are times when I may have 10 animals euthanised in a row. It never gets easier and it is not easier just because they are not a pet. But I am responsible for them and for doing the right thing by them. And that is what it is really all about responsbility and doing the right thing by someone else not ourselves. Unfortunately I think we are sometimes very unkind, inconsiderate and selfish.

    I truly believe our world would be a better place if we all displayed a little kindness and consideration towards everyone and everything (I think I have been watching too much Oprah!) I strongly believe any pet deserves to take their last breath knowing someone cares enough about them to be there and to let them know they will be missed andare loved. Any other outcome is quite unbearable for me to imagine.
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    Great post Ratbag

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    Hugs and kisses to everyone who has been through this - it's just so hard. I think we need to tread carefully with this though. First, unless your pet loves the vet, a home visit is so much calmer. I do believe that it is best for your pet for you to be there, however, without going into details, there are sometimes bodily reactions which are horrific and we need to protect our younger people. I'm not going to dictate what age, everyone is different. My first experience was at 17 and although it was the right thing to do, it was hard and it left a big scar. I have also had to do this for other family members who simply could not and I do not judge them for it. I'm over 50 now and have gone through this several times. I look at it this way, get a piece of paper and draw a long line on it. Then draw one small dot on that line. That dot is the moments it took for your beloved pet to pass. If you love, enjoy, savour your pets life for the entire line, you can draw comfort if in that one dot, things did not go the way you wanted. Please don’t get stuck in the dot – remember the happy line.

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    I've f###ed this up twice now and will never forgive myself.......ever.

    My first dog Storm was my best mate but i couldnt make the decision gutless and upset. My old man loved him aswell and he did the deed. I hate myself for not going along but i was just a dumb kid back then.

    15 years later after 2 weeks of brave fighting ....Scooby, my best of best mates started to convulse in my arms. I panicked and ran to the phone to ring the vet who told me he would meet me at the clinic (it was about 8.00pm). I ran back to pick him up and he was limp and quiet.....i told myself he was just unconcious so i picked him up and raced him to the vets pleading with him to not give up on me. I carried in my mate and and layed him on the table. It then sunk in that my mate was gone when i was on the took that long for me to realise....i was in total shock, denial, whatever.....again i wasnt there for my mate. I hate myself for that but i was trying my best to help him at the time.

    Your so right Sue .....i do remember the long, long happy line my 2 mates gave me and i wont ever forget them. But those 2 dots are with me for good now. But i will make dam sure there isnt a third.

    Definently the hardest lessons i have ever learnt. R.I.P 'Goobs and Big Guy'.

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    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    I never got to say good bye to my girl I was at tafe when she was hit by a car at lest some one was there who stop on the side of the road to be there for her and tell her it's ok she passed a way and the girl bear her in her yard and the worse thing was the bloody rscpa did not tell us till 3 day after it happen then did not give us the girls phone number so I could thank her for being there for ruby and I miss her every day

    Rip ruby myar 10 /4/07- 4/3/11 my best friend in the hole world
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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