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    None, and not much point insuring Barney now anyway.

    But keep posting all this info coz it is something I still think about.

    Do you still have to pay the initial bill to the vet and then insurance pays you out? Or do they pay up front?

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    I had to pay the bill...And now I am collating all the bills and all the reports to send to them. X-ray results, pathology reports, vet reports and it being her first time also a history of all her previous vet visits. To see if it was pre-existing condition. But she has been with them since 4 months, so there will not be a pre-existing problem. It is a pile of paper-work. But quite interesting, because the vets usually do not give you so much info written down. this show their whole reason for doing what and when...very informative
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    I'm with PIA which is backed by Hollards. Hollards now only offer 80% cover and are very strict about bilateral (eg will only payout for one eye cateract but not the other because eyes are "bilateral", same with ACLs (only pay out one) etc. They peeve me because they keep bumping premiums or reducing the cover or both.

    And my brother is currrently having an arguement with petsecure - his dog had about 6 fattly lumps in various places on her body and eventuallye one started interferring with doggy function, and so he went to a vet and got a quote, one general anaethetic and six lumpectomies or something like that.

    He then rang up petsecure and said my vet has quoted me this much for this procedure, and how much of that will you cover and the lady on the phone said "80%" but when he sent in the claim - he only got back half.

    So I figure they either took out an excess up front, and then covered 80% of what's left or they covered the general and the first lump but declared the 5 other lumps removed - under the same GA - pre-existing and wouldn't pay for that.

    Not sure which it is but my brother is not happy and he's refering them back to the phone recording - where their staff member when asked directly - said "80%".

    Failing that, there is the insurance industry ombudsman.

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