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Thread: New kennel manager program for free :)

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    Cool New kennel manager program for free :)

    Hello, I'm author of new program to manage Kennel. Kennel Professional is available totaly for free without any registration on KENNEL PROFESSIONAL - Program to managing your kennel

    All sugestions will be welcome, cause i'm working on new version 1.1. If you can please post this message to another forums that you are registered. Thanks


    - Very easy to use user interface based on tabs

    - Storing all important dog informations

    - Unlimited number of photos, that you can add to dog!

    - Providing notes of dog divided into categories(generale, health, appereance)

    - Fast dog searching by name

    - Pairing module with dogs photos preview

    - Printing Pedigrees with photos of dog and his parents!

    - Fast photos browser available near the dogs list

    - Showing Family Tree of Dog

    - Showing all partners and children with partner. You can print it.

    - Showing siblings with print function.

    - Printing Pairing Card with photos(parents all puppies)

    - Managing your customers

    - Transactions module with month report generator

    - Adding documents and multimedia for dog - for example video from show!

    - Printing Dog list with photos. You can print category or create your own list.

    - Providing Treatment/Suplementation/Vaccination

    - Free updates!
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    That would have been handy when we had our kennels........
    Pets are forever

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    i love to have it in 5 or so years when i open up aurora park kennals
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