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    Default Guilty dog

    Just saw it this morning, so cute!
    Guilty dog sends himself to his room - YouTube
    Kinda reminds me when I was a teenager...

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    awww... he is really cute!

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    Hahaha if Harley knew how to close doors he would do the exact same!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    It made me laugh because Hooch got into the bathroom to sniff around, heard the garage door open, freaked out and locked himself in the bathroom. Lucky we saw it since he didnt complain so we would never have known where he was.

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    Haha! nice video! so cute! wish my dog was like that, he is kinda spoiled to actually act like that! hope that i could train him to be a little more humble though!haha! I love him anyways. I remembered when i was in my younger days though,when i do something i know my parents would be mad about, that video also reminded me of those days.LOL i was a naughty kid back then so i know i get grounded a lot but hey i was having fun so what the heck!haha!

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