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    My next door neighbour is a young lady who has a staffy female pup. I feel that the pup spends too much time alone and appears very lonely for attention. I have three dogs and occasionally, with her knowledge, bring her over to play with one of my dogs (I have 3). She just loves it and most of the day sits with her head poking under the fence watching what happens in my yard. She took the dog to puppy pre school but that's about it. As far as I can tell the dog is never walked either. I don't want to make an enemy by saying something to her. Being a staffy they can turn and she needs the variety and stimulation, especially with other dogs. I don't have the time to walk her. I'm flat out walking my own as they are walked separately for various reasons. Advice appreciated.

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    Hi Benlauren

    So sad for such a young pup. Unfortunately there is probably not much you can do apart from talk to her or try to have the pup over for a play date when you have time and it suites you. I run a dog minding business and also work in wildlife rescue and one thing I have had to accept is people don't always care for/look after or treat animals/pets in the same manner as what you would and unfortunately you just have to learn to accept it.

    Obviously if there was any form of abuse or neglect it should be reported. Maybe you could start the conversation by saying your little pup is so funny, she has her nose stuck under my fence most of the day looking for company. This is possibly the most inoffensive way to raise the topic and then take it from there. Maybe go along the lines of my friend/aunty/second cousin twice removed (whatever) had a staffy and by all accounts they need lots of company or they become a handful .... go along the non confrontation line ... drop the hint and give her something to think about. Hopefully the owner will act on it.

    If all else fails you may have to be blunt and possibly have a falling out but I guess by that time you will be so peeved with the way she treats the dog you won't care.

    Good luck.

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