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Thread: Arthritis treatment for mature dogs.

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    Default Arthritis treatment for mature dogs.

    As dogs age they can suffer from arthritis in various joint making it painful to move. Our boxer is having shoulder problems and we have put her through a series of carthophen injections which seem to be working. she is now taking longer walks before showing any signs of limping. I am wondering how long it will last as the vet says she will need another course in a few months.

    Has anyone had experince with cartrophin they would like to share?

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    No advice re the injection,s but Rosie also has arthritis of the shoulder blades... maybe a Boxer thing!

    Parsley is excellent for humans, as are rosehips. Not sure if parsley can be given to doglets, but would imagine so. Parsely in with their dinner (chopped up fine in the processer) and maybe some rosehip tea? But not the seeds of the rosehips, as they are cyanotic, like apple seeds, and can cause tummy upsets.

    And salmon. Fish oils are excellent for joint health, and your Boxer sould inhale salmon.

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    Thanks Pinkest, We do give outdogs fish oil most days and sardines twice a week.
    I have never heard of parsley or rosehips helping arthritis though. I will see if it helps my girl.

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    My old shepherd had these shots. He was very lame and found it difficult to walk before. After the first course it was 18 months before he needed another, then the next was about 15 months and then he died before the next one. But when he died he was still good (WRT the arthritis) and that was over 12 months.

    Also a friend has a timber shepherd and she had the treatment about 8 months ago and is still going well. She didn't show any improvement until the whole first course was completed.

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