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Thread: Feral Dogs next Door

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    Pretty sure my dogs would bark more if they got hosed. They'd just do it from further back

    Remember that you are new in the neighbourhood and therefore new to these dogs. It's NORMAL for dogs to bark at things they aren't used to - it's something humans encouraged when they were first becoming domesticated. I try to be really tolerant of dog behaviour as I want people to be tolerant towards my dogs. You never know when you'll need it...

    Recently a new dog moved in beside us and he sends our dogs bonkers even though they are friendly. It is something new in their environment and now, a month or two later, they are finally getting used to him (although still try to stick their noses through the fence and whine sometimes). The new dog barked at me a few times in the backyard, so I just walked over to the fence and said "hello there" in a happy voice. He's never barked at me again.

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    Actually Wuffles has a good point there....i put up with the neighbours noisy dog for a few months before i got the hose out. Had to make sure the neighbour wasnt a psycho or somthing before i got to carried away. But these days i dont hesitate to blast him if he barks for more than 5 minutes straight. We also have 3 new dogs in the street now and everyone is cutting them some slack while the dogs get used to the new surrounds. A quick pat through the fence went a long way to settle them down a bit. The owners are onto them quickly aswell which is good.

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    We have dogs in most of the houses around us, but in the other houses there are chickens, rabbits and all sorts of bark inducing animals. Elfie has been pretty good, she doesn't usually bark at them; but our other next door neighbour has a cat who likes to sleep on our garage roof, much to the dismay of elfie! The other dogs are quiet and don't cause any trouble, but I don't see any of them down at the dog park.
    Sucks that you have difficult dogs next door!

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    Ha, i posted this issue about my neighbours noisy rat dogs, 3 of them he had. Move i was advised.

    It worked.

    Now i have a JRT and a Whippet who are noisy instead. So no longer working. the whippet has been conquered, the JRT is well, a bloody JRT! hose time perhaps?

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