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Thread: Dog beach in Perth?

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    Default Dog beach in Perth?

    Taking Hooch to dog beach, maybe he can get to play with other dogs (he is too excited to play with dogs in the park and he scares everyone away).
    Anyone knows of a good dog beach south of the river Perth?

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    Gawd, he sounds like Ruby, she just tumbles other dogs and they either get angry or run away ... we go to Whitfords dog beach, but it's north and very narrow between the beach and the dunes.

    Apparently the Kwinana dog beach is great, or car park number 6, South Beach, down Oceanic Drive as far as you can go and turn left, it's south of City Beach is magnificent, but it joins up to Swanbourne, so beware (nudy beach alert)

    I'll ask the girls at work who live south where the good dog beaches are ...

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    Thank you sooo much! we are probably going to go to South Beach this arvo.. will report back if any good first time Hooch and Dean (my little boy) will be playing on the beach together, camera is ready!!
    Thanks again

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