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Thread: Escaping SBTxRidgeback

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    The point is the dog wanders. It only takes once to get into a fight with another animal or be hit by a car.

    She refuses to return him to the RSPCA, as she is afraid they will euthanise him due to his seperation anxiety and escapee record.
    And yet for now 3 months the dog is escaping and roaming the neighbourhood, the dog has been on borrowed time for a while. Most dogs like him never make it out of rescues and pounds for this very reason, and I do agree with it. She is lucky the dog has not been taken to the pound several times over. If she is desperate to keep him tell her to contact Mark Singer and extend the electric fence ASAP. Put it on high. Meanwhile be wary of crate training and leaving a SA dog alone in one, one of my clients had another trainer tell her to do that and the dog ended up shredding the crate and himself because it was done the wrong way. Sending him to someone else during the day can potentially make it worst in some dogs, see a good behaviorist before doing anything.

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    I agree Mark Singer is an excellent trainer. Got some rave reviews from my friends with problem behaviours with their dogs.

    If I decide to get one in for my evil hound - that's who I will contact.

    I agree, some dogs can eat their way out of a metal crate if they're desperate (eg left outside but locked in crate and scared of thunder). And that stuffs the crate and the dog, especially their teeth. Hence the training is very important.

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