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Thread: what would you do if you cannot afford vet surgery bill?

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    Default what would you do if you cannot afford vet surgery bill?

    my dog have a large lump on her breast that's being growing bigger and bigger over the last year and I haven't took her to the vet because I am scared of the vet bill might run into thousands.

    I am going to take her to the vet for consultation this week and see what the options are.

    But what would you do if you cannot afford surgery bill?

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    have you got any pet insurance?


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    You should decide a limit before you go in. Then go to the vet and get a quote. Tell him or her of your limit and see if there are other options. I had to do this when my cat was bitten by a snake. I was unemployed and made $1000 my limit. The fees creeped over (of course it was a public holdiay as well) that amount so I told the vet through my tears that I had to PTS my cat. He queeried why and I told him I could only afford $1000. So we didn't test to see what snake it was - just chose the most common in the area and only kept him there for 3 days. I paid a bill of only $250 (but really should have been close to $1000 by my calculations). I have since heard he often does this.

    If the fee was over your limit you need to be strong enough to do the right thing. Walking out and letting a dog suffer is not right and either is knowing you put your family in jeopardy with the vet bill. Also there may be options that will extend her life but not cure her. Just talk to your vet and tell him/her what your dillema is.

    Good luck

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    IMO pet insurance isn't really any help. Unless you can fork out the bill outright and then get reimbursed then fine, but i think the majority can't. It's something i would hate to think about and if i did have the money available i would probably spend every last penny in the bid to save my pet (providing on the likelihood of the animal surviving or whether if would be better to put it out of it's misery) which is easy for me to say since i don't have any children or anything, harder for those who have families. If worst came to worst and it was some ridiculous bill i couldn't afford then i would have no other choice but to PTS...

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    My girl Tessa had a lump removed from her breast about 3-4 years ago. They did a biopsy after the operation to see if it was malignant. I would say get tested before as a benign tumour is not a urgent thing to get removed. I remember with Tessa's it came out of nowhere and within a few months it was noticibly bigger. Some of the vets in my area also do a interest free thingy like Harvey Norman for unexpected surgery costs etc might be worth looking at.

    Hopefully it's benign (no cancer ) good luck.

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    My old horse has accumulated some pretty ridiculous vet bills. I somehow always managed to find the money somewhere - but a couple of times she was pretty close to being PTS. I agree with Pepe though... decide on a limit you can afford, and then stick to it. It might be something serious. Not being able to cough up the money for the vet is one thing, but causing your dog pain and distress by ignoring they need a vet is a completely different story. After all your dog is dependent on you to take care of them.

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    It depends how close a relationship you have with your vet. When I find a good vet I stick with them, use them for everything and build up a trust, then if something horrible happens the vet knows I am good for the money and will let me pay in installments.

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    Welcome to the forums. That's a very unusual user name to pick - and then ask a question about not being able to afford a vet bill.

    If I thought my dog was going to cost an extreme amount of money at the vet - I would be asking questions about her likely quality of life after I spent squillions. For some things you can spend squillions but all you're doing is prolonging the dog's life in pain and disability. Is it really worth it? Only you can say. But if you're asking the question - I'd say probably not.

    If you do think it's worth the financial sacrifice (it's only money, not your eldest child or your mother), most vets these days will link you up with an organisation that will loan you the money on terms you can afford to pay back over time. Though I'd probably borrow the money from my mother if I couldn't afford it and thought my dog would benefit from spending the money.

    Do make it clear to the vet that you have financial limits and let you know what else you can do. Some people get really offended when the vet suggests that PTS might be kinder to your wallet - or even your dog. So some vets never suggest anything like that unless the customer asks.

    And it helps to write down all the questions you have and the more questions you might have depending on the answers to your first lot of questions... so you don't forget to check on the money side or the health benefits for the dog.

    Lots of dogs get lumps and while it's better to remove them, they're not always the dreaded cancer. And even if it was - you'd want to organise some sort of pain management for it rather than bury your head in the sand like a financial ostrich. That's not good for the dog.

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    With my four i would do desperate things...........I would sell almost anything I think and probably go into hock

    My Mastercard is up to the eyeballs now for Katy....i have to put everything together for Medibank Private, but all my travel, loss of work time and accommodation, I will never retrieve.And we won't know till we get paid as to what we get back

    Our dogs are everything to us, but I also realise that is not so for everyone.

    There is a Term-payment plan at most vets, just like Tessylon said.
    Pets are forever

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    I would pay whatever it takes to make my pet better. I would do the same for anyone else in my family.
    I did get pet insurance the first day I got my dog because I feel responsible for him and want to make sure that I can pay whatever comes our way without having to worry about it.

    Hope it is nothing too serious!

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